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Continental is a leading premium tyre manufacturer with more than 100 years history providing innovative tyre and driver safety technology. It is famous for inventing tyre treads (the grooves which expel water as you drive) and is very popular and respected around the world. Continental’s OE – Original Equipment – tyres are so highly regarded that they’re very often fitted by automotive manufacturers to their cars that leave the showroom.  Superior comfort and safety are trademarks of all Continental tyres. The company’s tag line “ Arriving Safely and Comfortably’ captures the essence of the brand superbly.

An intense focus on R&D efforts has led Continental to develop radically different tread design patterns that enhance performance, efficiency and safety of their tyres. The company’s focus on R&D has led to the development of innovative extended mobility solutions such as the ContiSeal technology, which ensures mobility and safety when a sharp object penetrates the tyre and SSR technology which is Continental’s run-flat technology. In July 2017, Continental's ContiPremiumContact 5 tyre was voted the 'top summer tyre' by the highly respected automotive publication Auto Express. The Continental ContiPremiumContact 5 was ranked in first position in wet and dry braking, as well as wet handling.

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