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If you are, then Tyre Shopper are here to make the process as simple and as easy as possible for you. Van tyres need to be capable of transporting heavier loads over long distances. Due to this, many van tyres have their sidewalls strengthened to carry the extra weight.

If you are looking to purchase tyres for your van, please enter your vehicle registration so we can help you find the perfect tyre for your vehicle. If you do not know your vehicle registration number, please enter your tyre size.

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When to replace van tyres

It's essential to check tyres on a periodic basis in order to keep your van safe and roadworthy at all times. The key things to look out for when checking your tyres are making sure that any wear on the tyre isn't uneven, that all your tyres are pumped with air to the right capacity, or generally for anything that appears to be out of the ordinary, such as bulges or cracks.

It's also important to ensure that your tyre tread doesn't get too low. If the tread has worn down past where it should be, the handling of the vehicle can potentially be less responsive. This can lead to a delayed stopping time and severely reduce any grip control. Ensure that your tyres have a tread of at least 1.6mm around to be considered legal, but anything less than 3mm may not be safe.

How to buy the best van tyres

When your van needs its tyres replaced, it can sometimes be a bit daunting choosing from the vast range of options available. Whilst some tyres are designed to improve fuel economy or comfort while on the road, others will be useful at maintaining a heavy load. No matter what purpose your van is for it's important to understand how to select the best van tyres, so here's a guide to help you get started:

The first thing to consider is whether your van was bought new or used. If a vehicle was new, it may be best to buy the same brand of tyre that are presently used on your van, however if you've decided you want to start looking into a different brand or variety, there are a few things to think about.

Ideally all four tyres on your van should match, in order to maintain the best handling and the safest ride. This means that when replacing one or two tyres, they should always be identical to the other set. If all tyres need to be replaced, it's only then that a different brand or variety could be used.

As tyres can be very expensive, it's important to know that a high-priced tyre doesn't necessarily mean best value. It's true that a more costly tyre may actually last longer and increase fuel efficiency in the long term, however if you're on a budget, a partially used tyre in an excellent condition could actually work out as better value for your van. It's always best to shop around before deciding.

Commercial van tyres

You may run a bakery with a single delivery van or your business may own a fleet of large vans for commercial use. In either situation, Tyre Shopper has experts who can advise on which van tyres will fit each van and be able to arrange an appointment to fit the tyres to the van for you. Van tyres from Tyre Shopper have product guarantees that provide assurances for businesses who need to keep their van fleet on the road.

All season van tyres

Whether you are looking for all season tyres or the most fuel-efficient tyre, Tyre Shopper can supply them. Our winter van tyres that have a special, deeper tread that can dispel water faster, and handle snow on the road successfully without losing much traction. Winter van tyres also help to avoid aquaplaning when compared to other van tyre choices because of the more efficient water dispersal built into the deep tread design and additional tyre grooves.


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