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Wheel Alignment / Tracking

Wheel alignment (otherwise known as tracking) involves adjusting the angle of the front wheels so that they are parallel to each other. The purpose of this adjustment is to maximise tyre life and to ensure that the vehicle drives in a straight line.

Every car has a specific alignment setting for its front wheels. If this setting is disturbed, by striking a kerb or hitting a pothole or simply through normal wear and tear - tyres can wear rapidly. Incorrect wheel alignment becomes obvious when either the inner or the outer edge of the tyres become unevenly worn or a “feathering” effect becomes noticeable.

The symptoms of a car with incorrect wheel alignment are:

  • Uneven or rapid tyre wear
  • ‘Pulling’ or ‘drifting away’ when driven in a straight line
  • ‘Wandering’ off course when driven on a straight and level road
  • The spokes of the steering wheel appearing to be ‘off centre’ when driving on a straight and level road.

If you suspect your alignment has been disturbed - have it checked immediately. In any case, have it checked every 6,000 miles or when tyres or steering components have been changed.

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