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Summer tyres feature a dedicated rubber compound that delivers excellent grip and handling on both dry and wet roads in warmer conditions and climates. They also feature reduced rolling resistance, which provides greater fuel efficiency and curtails road noise, so it’s little wonder why they’re the most popular choice among UK motorists.

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What to look for in summer tyres

Low rolling resistance

While winter tyres are designed to cut through snow and slush, summer tyres are equipped for clear roads, therefore low rolling resistance is paramount. Aside from increased fuel efficiency, low rolling resistance will convert more engine-power into direct movement, enabling you to maximise your vehicle’s potential.

Wet and dry conditions

Summer tyres are designed for clear roads, but not necessarily dry ones, and we all know how unpredictable our great summer weather can be! Therefore, you’ll need a tyre that’s designed to expel water and prevent aquaplaning.

Price vs quality

Tyres are generally divided into three classes: budget, mid-range and premium.

Being the cheapest, economy tyres are best suited to slower driving, preferably on well-maintained roads in urban environments. As such, they are great for city cars and small hatchbacks with a low annual mileage.

Mid-range tyres offer a compromise between economy and premium tyre varieties. While they occupy a higher price bracket than economy, they have the capacity to handle more dynamic driving styles, making them ideal for medium sized vehicles and those who are a little more aggressively.

The best of the best. Premium tyres are specially designed to combine high performance specifications with the capacity to cope in a range of diverse weather conditions.

How to store summer tyres

  1. After cleaning your tyres with a mild soap detergent and leaving them to dry, use a tyre marker to mark their original location. Next, wrap each tyre in a black bag – preferably opaque – and try to extract as much air as possible prior to sealing. This process is required to avoid cracking the tyre walls, which occurs when tyres are left unused for long periods.
  2. Be sure to store your tyres off the ground, ideally on a tyre rack. Ensure that conditions are cool, dry and clean, and keep the tyres away from any heating or hot water supplies.
  3. If your tyres remain connected to their wheels, store them horizontally on top of each other. If you’re storing them on their own, align them vertically. Also, remember to allow oxidisation chemicals ample time to reach the tyre’s full circumference. You can assist this process by rotating the tyres regularly.


How to identify summer tyres

Summer tyres are identifiable by their tread pattern, which is more streamlined than a winter tyre, and features fewer water clearance grooves. This results in increased traction, and thus better grip on the road.

Can summer tyres be used in winter?

A summer tyre’s characteristics – complete with its dedicated rubber compound and streamlined tread – make them unsuitable for winter driving conditions. This is because when the temperature drops below 7°C (45°F), the rubber compound becomes rigid and brittle and cannot adequately handle snow or ice.


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