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Are you looking to purchase tyres for your electric vehicle? At Tyre Shopper, we are known for providing our customers with the highest quality EV tyres at the lowest possible prices. Shop from our huge selection of cheap EV tyres today.

Find cheap EV tyres today

Here at Tyre Shopper, we stock a wide range of tyres specifically suited for electric vehicles. To purchase specialist EV tyres online, please enter your vehicle registration into the box at the top of this page. Once you have reached the search results, please make sure that you use the ‘Filter By Technology’ filter and tick ‘Electric Vehicle’. In the search results, you will then see all of our available EV tyres. Keep an eye out for the ‘EV’ tyre symbol, these show that they are tyres specifically suited for electric vehicles.

What are EV tyres and are they different than normal car tyres?

By 2030, it is expected that there will be 300,000 public electric vehicle charge points in the UK, according to Government sources. With this change in manufacturing and buyer behaviour, in 2022 it was reported that electric car sales had increased by 70% year on year. This represents 1 in 6 new cars joining the UK roads.

Due to the influx of electric vehicles, the world’s most reputable tyre manufacturers have spent a large of capital in to research and development to create the highest quality EV tyres for electric vehicles. EV tyre technology has helped manufacturers create the perfect tyres for drivers who have made the switch to electric motoring.

  • EV tyres are reinforced to carry heavier loads effectively. Electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles.
  • EV tyre technology ensures that EV Tyres have a lower rolling resistance than traditional car or van tyres. As electric vehicles can now be driven for longer with a single charge, the lower rolling resistance ensures that the vehicle range is maximised.
  • EV Tyres will have a lower noise rating. Electric vehicles are notoriously quiet when driving on the roads, so it is important that the tyres for the electric vehicle are also quiet too.
  • Excellent grip levels. EV tyres have outstanding levels of grip which is vitally important, due to the fact that electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles, meaning they will take longer to stop. EV tyre technology helps shorten braking distances, enhancing your overall safety levels.

Cheap Premium Tyres for Electric Vehicles

At Tyre Shopper, we stock a wide range of EV tyres from some of the world’s best and most prestigious tyre manufacturers. We stock EV tyres for the following tyre manufacturers. Here at Tyre Shopper, due to our Price Promise, we also ensure that we won’t be beaten on any price. For more information on our price promise scheme, please click on the following link: Price Promise.

 If you want to see our full range of EV Tyres, which are available to be fitted local to you, please enter your vehicle registration and postcode at the top of this page.

How do I purchase EV Tyres?

You can purchase cheap EV tyres for your electric vehicle online. At the top of this page, please enter your vehicle registration and postcode. Once you have entered this information, you will be presented with a number of available tyres. Next step, you need to ensure that the ‘Electric Vehicle’ checkbox is ticked (you will find this in the ‘Filter By Technology’ filter). Once selected, you will see all of the EV Tyres which will suit your vehicle. Look out for the ‘EV’ tyre symbol within the tyre search results, this symbols shows that the tyre is specific to suit electric vehicles.

How long do EV Tyres last?

Without knowing your specific driving style, distance driven and road surface it is difficult to put a definitive figure on how many miles you will be able to get out of your EV Tyres. However, as electric vehicles are heavier than traditional vehicles, regular tyre maintenance is important to prevent premature tyre wear.

Tyre Pressures for EV Tyres

In order to prevent premature tyre wear, you need to ensure that your tyres pressures are consistently at the optimum level. Both under-inflated and over-inflated tyres can affect the longevity of your tyres. You can find the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle in your manufacturer handbook or if you are wanting to find your tyre pressures instantly online, then please click the button below to use our quick and easy tyre pressure checker. By entering your vehicle registration, we will be able to find the correct tyre pressure for your vehicle with our tyre pressure calculator.

Check Tyre Pressures

How much are EV Tyres?

The price of EV Tyres varies depending on manufacturer, however, you can quickly find our prices for EV Tyres online. If you head to the top of this page, please enter your vehicle registration and postcode, you will then be shown the prices of all of the EV tyres available to fit the specification of your vehicle. Please note, you will need to ensure that the ‘Electric Vehicle’ checkbox is ticked by using the ‘Filter By Technology’ filtering option.

Why buy EV Tyres from Tyre Shopper?

At Tyre Shopper, we want to make the process of buying EV tyres are simple and hassle-free as possible. Using our website, you can pick the perfect EV tyres for your vehicle, pick a date and fitting centre which suits you and then make your payment within a matter of minutes. Our excellent fitting partners include National Tyres and Autocare and Halfords, meaning that wherever you are based in the UK, there will be a garage in close proximity to you to fit your new EV Tyres. Alternatively, we do offer mobile tyre fitting, meaning that we can come to you! To select mobile EV tyre fitting, if available, this option will be shown to you after you have selected your tyres from the search results.


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