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Want to find tyres for your Nissan that are far more affordable than the amount you'd pay at any area tyre dealership or depot? Then you need to utilize the services and highly affordable pricing that you'll find at any of our Tyre Shopper locations!

We make it easy for you to replace your Nissan tyres, by sending out our fitting specialists to come to your home or your work, at the time that is the most convenient for you, to help save you time during the day. You're busy – so why wait to get your tyres replaced?

Take a look at the types of tyres that are being recommended for many popular Nissan models, and make sure that you double check the current size of your tyres, to ensure that the fit is right.


The Micra is widely known as a practical car for getting around town, and offers a great deal of power and efficiency. If you want to go with tyres that will allow you to reduce fuel consumption, as well make sure that you're getting excellent mileage; it's recommended that you select Goodyear NCT5, Michelin EA3 or ContiEcoContact tyres


The Note, in addition to being named one of the best value cars in the UK is highly versatile, and offers high performance. It's also got the advantage of being able to use a wide selection of replacement tyres. Some options for the Nissan Note would be the ContiEcoContact and the Michelin EA3s tyres.

Some Background Information on Nissan

Nissan, based out of Japan, has a global presence with many different plants located globally. It is unique in that Nissan is one of the only car manufacturers out there that decided to maintain a manufacturing plant in the UK.

The Note, mentioned above, along with the Qashqai models are currently produced in the UK. Nissan has made a huge investment in the British economy, placing a plant in Sunderland.

One of the new projects from Nissan is the development of the Nissan Leaf, which is a listing of vehicles using electric technology.

In addition to this, they've also created a lithium-ion battery at the plant in Sunderland. Nissan has shown a commitment to environmentally conscious products, working to develop low-emission technologies and hybrid vehicles.

Considerations on Changing Nissan Tyres

When you are trying to replace your Nissan's tyres, with new tyres from Tyre Shopper, there are some things you should consider. The first thing you're going to want to think about is the characteristics of quality, like the wear of the tyres, the safety ratings and the level of affordability.

In addition to these quality markers, you're going to need to take a look at the speed rating you have, meaning the range of lowest to highest speed you drive at, and see if the tyres you'd like will accommodate that. Lastly, you need to make sure that they are all-weather, all season tyres. If not, consider getting a second set of tyres.

Feel confident knowing that you're fitting your tyres from National Tyres and Autocare (The fitting partner of choice), that you're working with UK's number one fast-fit specialists. One of their 1,000 technicians will work with your schedule to replace the tyres, from any one of the 225 branches.



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