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At Tyre Shopper, the UK's number one online tyre retailer, we have a wide selection of Hyundai tyres for competitive prices. Whether you’re searching for summer tyres, winter tyres or run flats, you’ll find the right ones for your Hyundai right here. We're happy to work with you on making sure that the tyres you select are right for your vehicle, at a price you can afford, without skimping on quality.

Take a look at the options that we currently have for many of the newest and widely owned Hyundai vehicles. While we offer recommendations on tyre size for these models, we at National Tyres and Autocare will ask that you double-check your Hyundai tyre size before you buy, to save time and hassle later on. Again, we are happy to help answer any questions you may have about our tyres in stock.

Tyre Pressures for Hyundai Tyres

If you are wanting to find the correct PSI for your Hyundai tyres, please click on the following link. From here, you will need to enter your vehicle registration and our quick and easy tyre pressure calculator will find the correct tyre pressure for your tyres.

Hyundai Tyre Pressure


The i10 is considered to be the "city car" of the Hyundai models, and has been ranked best in its class. When you're looking to get the best tyres for the i10 Hyundai model, you're going to need low-rolling resistant tyres, like Pirelli or the Michelin Energy Saver tyres, which have a good grip.


If you own the Hyundai i20, which has been said to be a smaller model but with big concepts and ideas, you're going to need a tyre that offers an environmentally conscious option, like Continental, which are acclaimed for overall good performance on the road.

A brief history of Hyundai

Much like the Kia, the Hyundai is made in Korea under the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, which was created in 1967. While the roots of the Hyundai career are Korean, many of the engineering genius behind these cars originates in Britain, as Hyundai hired many top British engineers to create their cars during the infancy of the company.

In the early 1990s, the company created its first gasoline engine and then began to expand globally. As of 2004, the Hyundai brand has been named second in quality ratings and is listed among the top brands of value around the world.

When should you change your Hyundai tyres?

When you are thinking about if it is time to swap out your existing Hyundai tyres, there are a few things that you need to consider. You first want to assess and make sure that you are going to be getting high quality tyres for your car, that provide you with the durability, cost value and safety ratings that you want.

The next consideration is speed, which will help to further determine the type of Hyundai tyres you need. You’re going to need to assess the weather and the season you're in. Depending on your Hyundai model, and the tyres you want, it may actually be best to have different sets for different times of the year. Don’t worry if you do need a number of sets, we stock Hyundai winter tyres, Hyundai summer tyres and even Hyundai run flat tyres!

At Tyre Shopper, we can guide you to the best and right tyres for your Hyundai. Our fitting partner of choice, National Tyre and Autocare, has over 1000 professionally trained tyre fitting specialists. With 225 branches across the UK, a representative will arrive at your doorstep ready to fit your premium or cheap Hyundai tyres when you order with Tyre Shopper.





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