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Our tyre information section will provide you with a number of articles to make sure that you know everything you need to know about tyres. We wish to provide helpful links to ensure the tyre buying process is as easy as possible for the users of our website.

Click on the relevant links below to access the article of your choice:

Find your Tyre Pressures helps instantly find the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle - just enter your vehicle registration in the search box for an instant result!

Tyre Pressure, Valves and Balancing explains why tyre pressure levels, tyre valves, wheel balancing and proper tracking become vital where tyre safety and longevity are concerned.

Tyre Symbols Guide is like a glossary or reference guide covering all the different tyre symbols that may be seen on the tyre product pages.

Guide to Tyres provides a host of vital information about tyres - helping you better understand which tyres you need for your vehicle.

Tyre Legislation On Tread Depths is an article to help customers understand the connection between EU legislation on tyre tread levels (when tyres are legal to use and when they are not) and their responsibilities as drivers.

Repairing Punctures provides information on when repairing a punctured tyre is the right thing to do and when replacing a punctured tyre is the correct move to make.

Understanding Tyre Size and Load Index provides an explanation of tyre sizes and how they have different load index levels. The load index confirms the load (or number of people) who can ride in the vehicle at the same time. Different tyres can handle different amounts of load. This article breaks this information down clearly.

EU Tyre Labelling explains the new EU tyre labels that apply to fuel efficiency, braking in wet conditions, and noise.

Understanding Tyre Speed Rating helps explain the reasons why certain tyre speed ratings are suitable for different vehicle models and types. If you purchase a tyre with a speed rating too high for your vehicle, this could result in drastic consequences.

The Dangers Of Part Worn Tyres explains why you should steer clear from purchasing part worn tyres. This is a must read if you want to stay safe when driving.

Top 5 Tyre Tips is our best advice for staying safe out on the roads.

6 Warning Signs that you need to change your car tyres helps you stay safe on the road by ensuring your tyres are safe and legal.

The Difference Between Summer Tyres and Winter Tyres explains which tyres are best for your car throughout different seasons and weather conditions.

7 Essential Car Checks to Make Before a Long Journey will help you keep safe on the roads when making a long drive.

Wheel Alignment provides all the information you need to know about what wheel alignment is, and why you should have your cars checked.

Wheel Balancing explains why balanced wheels are so important and how it helps your tyres grip the road.


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Tyre Information
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