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Different Tyre Types

At Tyre Shopper we stock a range of different types of tyres. Below we aim to help you understand the many different tyre types to make sure you have as much knowledge and possible and make the correct purchase to suit your needs.

Click on the relevant links below to find out more information:

Noise Efficient Tyres looks at the importance of tyres made specifically to reduce internal and external noise when driving.

Fuel Efficient Tyres looks at tyres that have been manufactured to ensure costs savings due to different techniques to improve fuel efficiency.

Wet Weather Tyres help reduce the risk of aquaplaning and losing control in wet conditions.

Low Profile Tyres looks at the pros and cons of why you may looks to purchase low profile tyres.

All Terrain Tyres are tyres that are suitable no matter the terrain.

Off Road Tyres are tyres specifically manufactured to be driven off-road- these will dramatically help improve driver safety and control when driving.

Winter Tyres are made specifically for cold weather conditions and will consequently maximise levels of driver safety.

Run Flat Tyres explains why many drivers are adamant that they will only ever purchase run flat tyres. Find out why many think that they dramatically help improve your overall driving experience.

4x4 Tyres are tyres suited specifically to 4x4 vehicles.

Cold Weather Tyres looks at explaining why is it important to purchase tyres depending on particular weather conditions.

Durable Tyres ensures a cost saving due to the improved longevity of a tyre. Click here to find out what techniques are used my tyre manufacturers to guarantee this.

All Weather Tyres v Seasonal Tyres looks at the pros and cons of all season tyres compared to seasonal tyres such as winter and summer tyres.




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