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Choosing the best tyres for low road noise

Noise-efficient tyres produce low sound levels when you are driving, resulting in a quieter ride.

You may have heard them referred to as low noise tyres or quiet tyres.

Why is noise an important issue for vehicles?

The European mandatory limits set in 2012, are very clear about the standards for noisy vehicles.

The newest EU tyre labelling rules mean that all passenger tyres manufactured in Europe must show these labels, which give tyre ratings for external noise.

This doesn't include noise that may be heard by the driver inside the vehicle - only the noise levels produced from outside.

However, for people who live near main roads, this kind of frequent noise can be considered uncomfortable as noise generated by many cars ensure a permanently noisy environment.

How are noise emissions measured?

Noise emissions are measured in decibels (dB).

These appear on the latest style of labelling, along with a 'wave' rating to help you make an informed decision before purchasing any new tyres.

Simply, the more waves, the noisier the tyre:

One black wave - This symbol identifies the best tyres for low road noise, with a level 3dB below the newest limits. These are the quietest and most environmentally-friendly.

Two black waves - This identifies an average tyre, with a noise level, equal to or below the latest limit by up to 3dB.

Three black waves - This indicates the nosiest tyre type and is no longer compliant with legislation, as it produces more noise than the newest rules allow.

This means that quiet tyres are an increasingly important factor in the purchasing process for customers over the next couple of years.

Buy noise efficient new tyres today

With this legislation in mind, our manufacturers are seeking to offer a smooth and comfortable ride with the vast range of noise efficient tyres we currently stock online.

So if you're looking for new tyres which carry a one or two wave symbol, browse our offerings from world-renowned brands like Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

If you need more assistance with other tyre ratings or noise emissions, contact our team on 0800 731 0133. Alternatively, you can access our live chat during office hours.

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