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‍At Tyre Shopper, we stock a range of All Terrain tyres especially suited for SUV’s and 4x4 vehicles. Most sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are fitted with regular tyres as they are not frequently used for off-roading. Here at Tyre Shopper, we offer a wealth of information on tyres suited for all terrains, their types and advice on which car tyres you should opt for.

all terrain tyres

All-terrain tyres feature a tread design made for vehicles which will share their time both on the motorway and off it. The tread design is usually composed of interlocking elements which provide good traction while driving in dry snow, ice and mud, as well as performing well on traditional roads. All terrain tyres come with reinforced sidewalls to give that extra toughness to your ride when off-road. Tyre treads are designed to provide you with maximum contact with the surface you are driving on and also to ensure even wear and tear.

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The roads you drive on determine how your car performs. Driving on the city’s paved roads is comfortable; the roads are smooth and it doesn’t take much effort to steer. It’s a completely different story when you venture out into the outdoors and drive through dirt, mud, and gravel. If you own an SUV or 4x4 vehicle with all-terrain capability, then you can drive on any type of road condition with ease. However, if your car only features conventional car tyres, then you’ll need to upgrade them to ensure that your vehicle can handle off-road terrains as well. The benefits of all-terrain tires are numerous: they give you more grip in slippery conditions; they provide better handling on rough terrain; they improve acceleration and braking performance, and they extend tread life by protecting your wheels from uneven terrains.

What Are All-Terrain Tyres?

All-terrain tyres, also called all-weather tyres, are capable of handling all types of road conditions. This makes them the best tyre choice for SUVs and other off-road vehicles since they can be used regardless of the weather conditions. All-terrain tyres are usually larger and heavier than the average tyre and will be better at tackling different terrains. When choosing an all-terrain tyre, always check the tyre’s load index and speed rating. The tyre load index indicates the tyre’s maximum load capacity, while the speed rating lets you know the tyre’s safe maximum speed.

Why You Need All-Terrain Tyres

If you want to take your vehicle off the beaten path and explore places that aren’t accessible by paved roads, then all-terrain tyres are a must. They are designed to handle tough off-road terrains, while standard road tyres are not capable of handling these types of roads. All-terrain tyres feature deep, wide grooves, thick sidewalls, and aggressive tread patterns to provide superior control and traction in all types of road conditions. If it’s raining, all-terrain tyres will have a better grip than standard road tyres. 

How do I search for the tyres I need?

It's simple. Search for the perfect all terrain tyres for your car by entering the tyre size, wheel size, car make and model or, if you prefer, your vehicle registration number; a service that very few online stores offer.

How Do All-Terrain Tyres Work?

All-terrain tyres have several features that make them ideal for rough terrain. The tread pattern on all-terrain tyres includes wide grooves that are designed to push water away from the tyre. This keeps the tyre from hydroplaning, which is when water builds up between the tyre and road surface. This is particularly helpful in rainy conditions when standard road tyres may have a higher risk of hydroplaning. The wide grooves also help the tyre grip the road better, especially on loose gravel. The tread on all-terrain tyres is much thicker than that of regular tires. The thicker tread helps to insulate the tyre from extreme temperatures and protects the tyre from punctures.

How to Choose the Right All-Terrain Tyre

When shopping for all-terrain tyres, there are a few factors that you should keep in mind. Select an all terrain tyre that is designed for your vehicle’s load capacity and speed rating. Always inflate your tires to the recommended PSI. If you don’t have enough air in your tyres, they won’t be able to grip the road properly, which can cause accidents. To find out the correct tyre pressures for your vehicle, please click on the following link: Tyre Pressure Check.

Which manufacturers provide all surface tyres?

Most major manufacturers that supply to us, offer all terrain tyres. For example, Avon have an incredible Ranger tyre, which offer great steering responsiveness to enhance driver confidence and are particularly suited to high performance vehicles. They boast exceptional wet surface performance and traction. The Dunlop Grandtrek AT3 are also incredibly reliable, suitable on and off-road and with fantastic handling qualities as well as improved resistance against aquaplaning. But we have a whole range of all surface tyres from many more world-renowned manufacturers available and our experts can talk you through your purchase before you buy.

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