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Tyre fuel efficiency

With the price of petrol and diesel ever-increasing, you'll want to make sure your vehicle is fitted with fuel-efficient tyres.

Here at Tyre Shopper, we offer a great range of these tyres with the best prices online, so if you want to save money and make a top choice for the environment too, you've come to the right place.

What are fuel efficient tyres?

Fuel efficient tyres are designed to consume less petrol whilst not wearing the tread down any more than a regular tyre. This technology prevents additional carbon dioxide emissions, so they’re the green choice too.

How to tell if tyres are fuel efficient

EU tyre labelling, which became legislation in 2012, provides information on the sidewall of European tyres for fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise emissions.

These come in the form of little symbols which enable buyers, looking for tyre offers online, to make an informed decision before purchasing.

This simple system allows motorists to choose the most fuel efficient tyre in the correct size for their existing wheels.

Tyres now come with a fuel efficiency rating from A (most fuel-efficient) to G (least fuel efficient).

The better the fuel efficiency, the lower the cost of motoring and the less harmful carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere.

Choosing A-rated tyres over G-rated tyres could give you a saving of 7.5% in fuel.

Which manufacturers sell these tyres?

Manufacturers have embraced the thinking behind fuel efficiency in design concepts by producing their own more fuel efficient tyre ranges.

Bridgestone have their Ecopia range and you can now buy the Energy Saver range of Michelin tyres.

Other manufacturers continue to develop new tyre technologies, including improved compounds that help to reduce fuel consumption.

More tips on how to save fuel

  • One way to save on fuel is to be light-footed on the accelerator. Frequent speeding up and slowing down again takes a toll on the fuel that the vehicle burns through.
  • Tyre pressure also needs to be regularly every two weeks and/or before a long road journey to ensure it is at the correct levels. You can find this in your manual. The slightest drop in car tyre pressure can mean you'll be guzzling fuel at a furious pace.

On hand to help

If you need help to understand your tyre fuel efficiency labels or you simply have a quick query, we're only too happy to advise. Contact us today as our experts are always on hand.

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