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Continental Vanco 2 Tyres

Continental Vanco 2 Tyres

Prices from £113.99 to £168.99
Includes fitting, valves, balancing and VAT at 20.0%. An additional fee of £3 per tyre will be added to basket to environmentally dispose of your old tyres.

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Continental Vanco 2 features

  • Designed specifically for vans and transporters
  • Offers superb car-like handling characteristics
  • Helps you to stop safely and quickly in wet weather conditions
  • Its uncompromising tough design means less tyre damage

If you drive a van for work, or run a fleet of vans, you’ll know what to look for. The Continental Vanco 2 is has a great reputation for getting the job done, helping to keep businesses on the road.

Van makers often point out characteristics like handling and responsiveness in their marketing, but what’s important to know here is that it’s really the tyres that make the difference. The Conti Vanco 2 has been designed to give your van a more car-like feel when you’re driving – the tyres enhance steering responsiveness and control. That’s important if you’re at the wheel all day.

Vans and transporters – especially when they’re fully loaded – are typically pretty heavy, and this affects braking. Thanks to its tyre tread patterns and compound, braking is safe, quick and controlled, even when it’s wet. The tyres are also designed to disperse water fast, ensuring the van maintains maximum contact with the road, and reduces the risk of sliding on top of water (aquaplaning). That’s great peace of mind when you’re on the job, right?

Wasting money on replacing damaged tyres is something all business owners want to avoid. Vanco 2 tyres are tough and robust, offering excellent sidewall protection against kinks and chips. That’s got to be good for the bottom line!

Will the Continental Vanco 2 fit your van?

The Conti Vanco 2 comes in a wide range of sizes, from 14” to 17” wheels, and are designed to fit a broad range of popular light commercial vehicles like the Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato and the VW Amarok.

About Continental Tyres

Continental is a leading premium tyre manufacturer with more than 100 years history providing innovative tyre and driver safety technology. It is famous for inventing tyre treads (the grooves which expel water as you drive) and is very popular and respected around the world. Continental’s OE – Original Equipment – tyres are so highly regarded that they’re very often fitted by automotive manufacturers to their cars that leave the showroom.

This pattern may have options that are suited for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Chrysler, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles. This pattern may also be available as a Run Flat or have extra-load capabilities. Please check for the appropriate symbols in the tyre search results.

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