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Pirelli P Zero – Ultra High Performance from Pirelli

Every tyre manufacturer has its benchmark product that features the highest quality materials with the most innovative technology. This is the case for the Pirelli with the P Zero range. Pirelli has combined many hours of research and development, competitive motorsport knowledge and extensive funds to bring out a tyre that can meet the huge demands that a high-performance vehicle needs to operate to its full potential.

What type of cars is the Pirelli P Zero designed for?

The type of cars that the Pirelli P Zero tyre has designed for are ultra-high performance vehicles such as sports cars and supercars. This is reflected in the construction of the tyre, as it has been engineered with the most top quality materials and innovative technology to ensure that the tyre offers optimal performance when travelling at the high speeds that supercars and sports cars are capable of.  Some cars brands that are suited to the Pirelli P Zero include Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari as well as high-performance SUV’s like the Mercedes G-Class.

Features of the Pirelli P Zero

Asymmetric tread design

The Pirelli P Zero range has been engineered with an asymmetric tread design. The purpose of this design is to enhance grip with the road surface, allowing better cornering and braking performance. The Asymmetric design also allows water to be funnelled away from the tyre increasing responsiveness in wet conditions and avoiding aquaplaning. 

3 centre ribs

The Pirelli P Zero range has also been developed with 3 centre ribs constructed into the tyre. These centre ribs work to add stability to the tyre and also ensure that there is maximum contact between the tyre and the road surface allowing for better traction when accelerating. 

Racing construction

With Pirelli’s rich pedigree of racing, it will come to no shock that their high-performance tyre has been developed with a racing construction. This feature is to ensure that the tyres keep up with the demand of the car. The racing structure offers excellent torsional strength, creating a durable stable and safe tyre. 

Available technology for the Pirelli P Zero

Run flat

Run flat is a technology that ensures that your tyres can continue to be operational during a rapid loss of inflation.  This is possible through the use of reinforced sidewalls that can cope with the lack of air for a limited time. This makes your tyre safer and more convenient in the case of a blowout. 


PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) is a technology used to enhance comfort by reducing external noise created by the tyre. This technology works due to a sound-absorbing device planted on the inside wall of the tyre. This device can reduce external tyre noise by half. 

Puncture proof

Puncture proof technology works similar to run flat technology in the aspect that it is a technology used to allow you to carry on driving in the event of tyre damage that causes a loss of inflation. However, Puncture proof technology is different in the way that run flat is used. Puncture proof technology works by keeping the air in the tyre by forming a seal around the foreign object that has punctured the tyre. 

What Pirelli P Zero tyres are available at Tyre Shopper

Pirelli P Zero tyres available at Tyre Shopper include –

If after reading this article you are interested in purchasing tyres from the Pirelli P Zero range, we currently have amazing offers for Pirelli! For every two 17” and below Pirelli tyres purchased you can claim £10.00 in Love2shop vouchers and for every two 18” and above Pirelli tyres you can claim £20.00 in Love2shop vouchers. The promotion ends 25th June.

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