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Fantastic Tyres for your Fabulous Ferrari

The ownership of a Ferrari, the pinnacle of style and performance, catapults you into a superior league. But with the pride of ownership comes the responsibility of always ensuring the best in every aspect including the replacement of tyres. After all, this is not a car, but a Ferrari.

Tyre Shopper, UK's largest online tyre retailer understands your concern and guarantees to offer you the best quality Ferrari tyres at the most affordable prices.

And we will come to you for fitting, making the entire process completely stress-free for you.

Find below our list of recommended tyres for various Ferrari models.

Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 is a high performance sports car, which incorporates numerous formula 1 technologies to deliver maximum performance on the road. Continuing the Ferrari legacy, the F430 exhibits blistering power and is capable of a maximum speed of 315km/hr.

You require ultra high performance tyres with softer rubber (for traction) and good grip for your Ferrari F430.

The Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 tyres, the OE tyres, are a good choice. Our top recommendations include Continental Sport Contact 2, Bridgestone Potenza RE 050A and Pirelli PZero Nero.

The recommended front and rear tyre sizes are 225/35 and 285/35 respectively. The wheel diameter remains 19mm in both cases. Choose a tyre with speed rating ZR, so that you can safely 'fly' on the road.

Ferrari F458 Italia

Hailed the most powerful supercar, the Ferrari F458 Italia stands in a class of its own. If you can use the term 'stands' for a car that has been named the 'World Performance Car of the Year' and which dashes from 0-62mph in less than 3.4 seconds. And of course, which achieves a top speed of over 325km/hr.

We recommend Pirelli PZero, and Michelin Pilot Super Sport XL for the F458 Italia as they are high performance tyres that improve stability and grip, enhancing the overall driving experience.

Some Background Information on Ferrari

Ferrari is an Italian automobile manufacturer, world famous for producing aggressive high performance cars.

Initially, the company focused only on race cars. In fact, it is believed that founder Enzo Ferrari got into the business of production cars solely to finance his racing car dreams.

Ferrari is a name to reckon with in the world of racing championships, especially the F1.

Because of the racing car history, Ferrari road cars are associated more with high energy performance and each Ferrari road model incorporates additional F1 technologies raising the bar of technological expertise and bringing a race track like experience to drivers.

Needless to say, ownership of the Ferrari is the ultimate status symbol.

Considerations While Buying New Ferrari Tyres

A Ferrari is not cheap and you know that. To maintain its high level performance, you have to choose the highest quality tyres fitted by professional specialists.

At Tyre Shopper, we are committed to stocking the most reputed brands of tyres for your Ferrari and we can suitably guide you about the right size for your model.

When you purchase Ferrari tyres from us, we ensure fitting is done by National Tyres and Autocare, that has over 225 branches across the UK and employs more than 1000 professional tyre fitting experts.


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