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Winter Car Tyres- Which are the best for my car?

At Tyre Shopper, we stock a wide range of winter car tyres- all based on the premise of keeping you safe on the road this winter.

"Why do I need winter tyres? I already have my summer car tyres and they work fine." Yes we hear that a lot, and here are the reasons why winter tyres are so important over the winter months. In wintry conditions, roads naturally get icy and due to this, the risk of skidding and accidents occuring is dramatically increased. Winter car tyres are designed to reduce the risk of road accidents and keep yourself, fellow drivers and pedestrians safe.

What are Winter Tyres?

Winter car tyres have an increased silica content within the tyre tread which is designed to stay flexible in low temperatures (anything below 7C). Due to the rubber compound used, braking and handling responsiveness is greatly improved and ensure a positive, safe and relaxing driving experience, no matter how difficult the winter conditions may be.

The rubber compound used within summer car tyres stiffens when temperatures drop below 7C. When summer tyres are used within wintry conditions, this reduces the reliability of the braking performance, as well as this the handling when driving is significantly affected.

Which Winter Tyres are the BEST for my car?

We have analysed 5 of the best rated winter car tyres to ensure that you gain the adequate information you need to stay safe this winter.

Winter Car Tyre Tyre Manufacturer
WV7 Snow Avon
Blizzak LM001 Bridgestone
CrossContactWinter Continental
Cinturato Winter Pirelli
Agilis 51 Snow-Ice Michelin

Avon WV7 Snow

Customer Tyre Review: "Delighted!"

The Avon WV7 Snow is an excellent performing winter car tyre which drastically helps improve driver safety. The innovative rubber compound used within the tyre helps reduce braking distances and enhance stability on the road. Due to the excellent performance of the Avon WV7 Snow tyre you can rest assured that driver confidence will be increased when driving in somewhat difficult winter conditions. Avon Tyres are consistently looking to improve their tyre offering to guarantee tyre improvements year-on-year. Classified within the mid-range category of the tyre market, the Avon WV7 Snow tyre not only offers improved safety levels but is also outstanding value for money. If you are looking to buy the Avon WV7 Snow Tyre then looking no further than Tyre Shopper.

Bridgestone Bizzak LM001

Customer Tyre Review: "I always make sure that I buy winter tyres in the winter months. The grip on these Bridgestone tyres are up there with the best I have used. I feel very safe when driving now- especially in this horrible rainy weather!"

The Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 is a fantastic winter car tyre and perfect for all wintry conditions. Due to Bridgestone being a premium tyre manufacturer, they spend a lot of time and money on research and development. Due to this, the innovative rubber compound used within Bridgestone winter tyres helps drastically improve grip while significantly reducing braking distances. If you are looking to buy the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 this winter then make sure you check out our Bridgestone tyre brand page where you can find this tyre and many more.

Continental ContiCrossContact Winter

Customer Tyre Review: "Best winter tyre for my car."

Continental tyres are renowned for their high quality tyres. Whether it be Continental's summer tyres, their all-season tyres or their winter tyres, you can be sure of a vast improvement in your overall driving experience. The Continental ContiCrossContact Winter ensures maximum safety levels on wet road surfaces, greatly reducing the risk of aquaplaning. Whether you be driving in wet, icy or snowy road conditions you can be confident of optimum levels of safety. If you are looking for more information regarding the Continental ContiCrossContact Winter then Tyre Shopper has all the information you need.

 Pirelli Cinturato Winter

Customer Tyre Review: "Driving with them was a very pleasant experience."

Pirelli have an excellent reputation within the tyre industry of manufacturing outstanding performing tyres. Classified within the Premium tyre category you can be certain of greatly improved tyre characteristics across all aspects of driving. You would not be surprised to know that the Pirelli Cinturato Winter tyres are no different. Improved safety, excellent grip levels and a firm tyre tread are only a few of the characteristics of the Pirelli Cinturato Winter to keep you safe this winter. If you would like to know more about this tyre, please watch the video above.

Michelin Agilis 51 Snow-Ice

Last but by no means least is the Michelin Agilis 51 Snow-Ice tyre which yes you guessed, performs magnificently in snow AND ice. Whether you be driving on a country road, just round your estate or travelling high speed on a motorway, you can feel confident that this tyre will greatly maximise your safety and stability. If you are looking for more information on this tyre make sure you check out our Michelin brand page (check the table at the top of this page) where you can find the Michelin Agilis 51 Snow-Ice and MANY more. If you want to know the more about why winter car tyres are so important, please watch the video below.

 The Mirror have reported that this winter will the worst winter for 11 years with heavy snow, ice and rain expected. At Tyre Shopper we understand that Winter is an expensive time of year, especially during the Christmas period. However, please do not risk your safety by ignoring the fact that your car needs winter tyres. You can search for the best car tyres currently available by using the tyre search lookup at the top of this page.

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