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With the acquisition of Tigar Tyres, Michelin, the French automotive tyre manufacturing giant now has in its portfolio a budget range of car tyres.These come with the same technological advancements Michelin is renowned for. So, it’s a best-of-both-worlds situation for customers!

Michelin- Tigar Partnership History

Tigar started as a workshop in 1935 for the manufacture of rubber goods, including footwear in the small town of Pirot situated in south-eastern Serbia. It started manufacturing tyres in 1959 and by 2007; Michelin became a major stockholder in the company. By February, 2008, Michelin had bought the remaining shares of Tigar making the latter a wholly-owned subsidiary of the French giant by 2010.

At www.tyre-shopper.co.uk, we stock the most popular, highest selling Tigar brands like Prima, Hitris, Sigura, Sineris and Winter 1. These tried and tested tyres have shown their worth and capability under the varied environmental and road conditions of Europe. These radials are extremely popular amongst our customers for their dependable quality and economical price. All these tyres come under our BUDGET category. Within this category brands offered depend on current stock availability. Tigar was already known for its decent quality and budget range of radials. After its acquisition by Michelin, it has become a highly respected brand in its own right amongst motorists the world over. Tigar’s performance efficiency coupled with Michelin’s technological innovation has helped create a brand that is amongst the best in the business while being very light and easy on the pocket.

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Care For Your Tyres- Get More Out Of Them

A healthy set of tyres go a long way in maintaining the health of your dream vehicle. Periodic checking of tyre pressure and wear and replacing old ones with a new set effectively gives you more mileage from your engine, while keeping stress away from it. A tyre that has less air in it than specified will show a sluggish moving response, forcing the engine to churn out more power to move it. On the other hand, more air than required will lead to poor handling of the vehicle. Underinflation demands more energy to move, leading to lesser fuel efficiency and more engine stress. Optimally inflated car tyres will grip the road surface better, leading to better overall control on the vehicle. This becomes vital during sharp turns. It is found that over inflated and under inflated tyres suffer more damage than correctly inflated ones. So a simple thing like putting sufficient air in those black ‘rubber rings’ can save you money. With Tigar Tyres Michelin has brought under its umbrella a budget brand which is already being counted amongst popular car tyres for the money-conscious motorist. You can find your own Tigar at Tyre-Shopper. Come to us.

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