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How is 205/45wr17 Different To 205/45r17?

The world of radial sizes is confusing to say the least. Let’s take for instance the size 205/45r17 – how is 205/45wr17 different to 205/45r17? Does the difference matter? Is it important to know?

Well, the choice is yours whether you want to know or not, but is definitely important to know. After all, your tyres are the only contact your car has with terra firma. Something goes wrong with your tyres, and the consequences will definitely not be pleasant.

www.tyre-shopper.co.uk , the country’s leading online retailer takes the issue of tyre safety very seriously. We strongly believe in empowering you with tyre knowledge so that you can make the right choices about your tyres – choices that ensure your safety and comfort at all times on the road.

Why Size is Crucial in Selecting tyres?

I might as well ask you why size is crucial in selecting your clothes. Only, when it comes to your tyres, it is a matter of life and death. The tyre is the rubber covering that fits the wheels of your car and enables motion on the ground. Without the right size, this fit will not be perfect. This can cause problems in wheel alignment and wheel balancing, which can be quite disastrous when you are on the road.

So if your vehicle owner’s handbook specifies a particular size for the tyres, that’s precisely what you should fit onto your car.

Do You Know Your Tyre?

Allow us to make the introduction. Your 205/45wr17 radial can be fitted only on vehicles with 17 inch alloy wheels. And such a tyre will have a diameter or section width of 205mm and sidewall height. That is 45% of the section width. ‘R’ in the size stands for ‘radial’ tyres, which is a specific constriction type. Coming to ‘w’, it is the speed rating of the radial and indicates the maximum speed at which the tyre can travel.

In this case, ‘w’ stands for a maximum speed of 270 kmph or 168mph, which is possible with exotic sports cars.

In the size 205/45r17, the ‘w’ is missing, which indicates that speed rating of the tyre is not known. In other words, this is incomplete information. While purchasing your tyres, you need complete information so that you are able to make the right purchase decision.

Tyreshopper is by your side to help you in any way we can. Browse through our website for articles by experts on various topics- crucial topics including tyre safety, pressure, sizes and much more. Become an informed ‘Tyre Shopper’ today.

Enjoy Benefits Galore

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Now you know how 205/45wr17 is different to 205/45r17. Have other queries? Don’t hold back. We are eager to answer.

Louise Helsby

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