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What Are The Best 225/50r17 Car Tyres

Choosing the right size tyres for your car is crucial to ensure safety and performance. Car tyres in size 225/50r17 are one of the most popular tyre sizes and much in demand. These tyres fit a wide range of mid to high end sports cars and saloons. And tyres in this particular size are manufactured by leading global manufacturers worldwide.

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However you have nothing to worry about if you want this size for your car. All you have to do is visit www.tyre-shopper.co.uk. Choose from our wide inventory, the tyres matching your size description and that’s it – you are done. It just can’t get simpler than this.

Though you know this is the right size for your car, are you wondering what all the letters and numbers stand for? Well, 225 refers to the diameter of the tyre in millimetre, while 50 represents the sidewall height, again in millimetre. R indicates that this is a radial construction tyre and the last number 17 means that this radial will fit alloy disks that are 17 inches in diameter. Now 225mm is a fairly large diameter and so is the figure 17 inch for the alloy. So this indicates that these tyres are meant for larger, heavier vehicles such as high end models of BMW, Audi, Hyundai and others. And most of the tyres in this range are available in the XL variant. The XL indicates that the tyre sidewall has been further reinforced to cater to enhanced load applications.

At Tyre Shopper, we are constantly analysing the data we gather and we have found that this particular size has been amongst our best sellers in the last six months.

Some of the most popular radials available in this size include the Bridgestone RE050, the S1063 from Wanli and the ultra high performance Michelin Primacy HP

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Whatever the size you need, you can be sure the Tyre Shopper will supply it to you at the lowest price. Our price comparison page lists our price vis-a-vis the price quoted by three of our closest competitors and you can see for yourself that our prices are the lowest. And our low prices are ‘not by chance’. Every week, we rigorously undertake a mammoth price comparison exercise where our team manually checks and compares the prices of over 400 sizes across the entire online spectrum.

Choice Galore….Get What you Want and More

We are the UK’s largest independent retailer of radials and have an exhaustive inventory of brands from all manufacturers. From brands like Avon, Continental and Goodyear to budget brands like Rovelo and Autogreen, you will find all of them under one roof – ours.

Besides, when you buy your tyres from us, you get more than just tyres. You get an entire experience. Right from easy to use search options to ease of payments and availability of 225+ UK wide fitting centres and of course convenient mobile fitting options, buying from us is a breeze.

So if you want car tyres in size 225/50r17, why go elsewhere? Come home to Tyre-Shopper.

Jack Underwood

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