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Tyre Guide: 10 Unusual Facts About Tyres [Infographic]

We guarantee that after reading this tyre guide, that you will be an expert on the wonderful and weird world of tyres. With Christmas approaching, it is the time of year where general knowledge quizzes generally occur and we’re here to help. Impress your family, friends and work colleagues this Christmas with your fantastic knowledge about tyres. Unsure what to talk about with that strange third cousin that you only see once a year? This tyre guide has the answer with a mix of unusual, alarming and interesting tyre facts.

This tyre guide identifies facts about tyres that you never would of known existed. The infographic below identifies a number of interesting and unusual tyre facts such as the world’s most expensive set of tyres. This tyre is encrusted with diamonds, 24 carat gold and priced at $600,000 for a set of 4. I mean who’d of thought tyre facts would be so interesting?

Overall, this easy-to-read tyre guide will help you understand all you need to know about tyres. In the form of an infographic, tyre facts are displayed to help you remember some of these interesting facts about tyres.

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1. Tyre Sidewall Markings

The letters and numbers on your tyre tell you: how high wide the tyre is (Width), how high the tyre wall is (Profile), how fast they can go (Speed rating), what weight they can carry (Load index) and the diameter of the inside rim (Wheel size).

2. Tyre Labelling

Since 2012 all tyres must be labelled with their relative: Fuel Consumption, Wet Grip and Noise Levels.

3. Tread Depth

It is very important to regularly check your tyre tread depth. It is a legal requirement that tyres have at least 1.6mm of tread. Anything below this then they need replacing as soon as possible. A useful way to test this is by conducting the 20p test. Insert a 20p into the tread, if you can see the band around the outside, then your tyre needs changing.


4. Tyre Pressure

It is vital that you know the correct tyre pressure of your vehicle. Ensure that you check your vehicle handbook to find the correct tyre pressure. This extends your tyre life, reduces the risk of accidents and avoids unnecessary expense.

5. Dot Code

The dot code is found on the circumference of the tyre. The code is a four digit number which signifies when the tyre was constructed. The first two numbers indicate the week of production, while the last two numbers specify the year.

6. World’s Most Expensive Tyres

The world’s most expensive tyres cost a staggering $600,000. These tyres are encrusted with diamonds and 24 carat gold.

7. Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) constantly monitor the tyre pressure of all four tyres. The driver is alerted if there is any change in this pressure or temperature.

8. Winter Tyres

Winter tyres work to their optimum levels in temperatures constantly under 7*C. They contain natural rubber and a less affected by icy or snowy conditions. Winter tyres also contain extremely high grip levels in wintry conditions, improving car safety.

9. Runflat Tyres

Runflat tyres have reinforced sidewalls which ensure they can travel a limited distance without air. Due to this, there is no need for a road-side repair if you occur a flat tyre. It is not advisable to repair a runflat tyre, it is recommended to replace if punctured.

10. Road Accidents

Under inflated tyres or tyres below the legal tread depth are liable to a number of accidents each year (please see table within infographic). Ensure that you keep safe when driving in all conditions.

If this wasn’t enough tyre knowledge for you, we have blogs on tyre history and car safety to ensure you get your complete fix of tyre facts for the day.

Jack Underwood

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