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Have You Ever Fallen Victim To Road Rage?

Dealing with other drivers’ road rage can not only feel unjust, but scary too.?

Our new survey has discovered that a whopping four fifths of UK drivers have fallen victim to road rage in the past year.

Three fifths of those who have fallen victim to other drivers’ anger revealed that they have suffered from either a verbal attack or physical altercation, whilst three quarters were on the end of a threatening gesture from an angry driver.

Our surprising findings didn’t only uncover that road rage was very common amongst drivers, but that the average drivers sees red THREE times a year.

UK roads host just over 38.6 million registered license holders, with two thirds of traffic fatalities being caused by aggressive driving, if reports are to be believed.

Only 6% of road rage incidents are reported to the police, yet 1 in 5 Brits we surveyed said they remained fearful about going back out on the roads.

One memorable occurrence of road rage for internet enthusiasts was when Hull motorist Ronnie Pickering was captured on camera making a foul-mouthed tirade against a motorcyclist. The video later went viral, being viewed more than 100,000 times worldwide.

Like Pickering, we discovered that men were the worst offenders when it came to being angry behind the wheel. In fact, four in five abusers are believed to be male, with an average age of 37 years old.

Despite women being less likely to dish it out, they were still equally as likely to be on the receiving end of road rage from male drivers. We also discovered that just over a third of women were likely to suffer three or more incidents of road rage each year, compared to just a quarter of male drivers.

With women falling victim to road rage more often than men, it’s no surprise that just over a quarter of females are hesitant to get back behind the wheel of a car, compared to a seventh of male driver

Junctions were found to be the place where most road rage incidents occur, with half of those we surveyed admitting being abused in these locations. Just under half admitted to falling victim to another driver’s anger on the main road, making it the second most common hotspot for hot headed drivers to let out their rage.

The safest area for drivers looking for a peaceful trip is country roads, where only a tenth of drivers have been involved in an altercation with a fellow motorist.

Our survey found that bus drivers were a friend to most fellow motorists, with only 7% of drivers feeling the wrath of bus operators.

It’s no surprise that motorists lose their temper from time to time, with congested roads and roadworks being an annoyance to all drivers.

A piece of advice from us is that it’s best to remain calm in frustrating situations when getting from A to B, instead of doing something drastic which you could end up regretting later on.

Jack Underwood

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