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With the weather getting warmer, many of us are beginning to make plans. From weekends away to road trips, summer tyres are crucial to get maximum grip and performance out of your car. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about summer tyres.

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What are summer tyres?

Summer tyres are designed to be used when temperatures exceed 7 degrees Celcius. They use a firm rubber compound which provides more grip in hot temperatures compared to winter tyres. They also have a shallower tread pattern, which helps improve performance and cornering.


Is it worth changing to summer tyres?

Once the warm weather begins, summer tyres will provide much more grip than winter tyres, thanks to their profiles. This will help you with fuel efficiency, with the summer tyres better suited to the conditions. If you use winter tyres in the heat, they will wear quicker. This could lead to a lack of grip and you’ll need to have them replaced sooner.

Having less grip during summer could be dangerous for your weekend away. Under a heavy load, summer tyres will give you more grip in hot temperatures, allowing you to drive safely with a full car. Whilst there is no legal requirement to change tyres for different temperatures, you’ll see a great benefit by using the right tyres in the right conditions.


Can summer tyres be used all year?

Although summer tyres could be used all year, we don’t recommend having them on your car all year round. Summer tyres are more suited to warmer road surfaces and have different tread patterns to all-season and winter tyres, so they won’t provide as much grip in cooler temperatures.

Summer tyres provide excellent grip in dry and hot conditions, but won’t perform well on cold roads in slippery conditions, such as snow. Switching your tyres to match the appropriate season will give you an increase in performance, grip and efficiency.


Do summer tyres wear faster?

Summer tyres will wear quicker if used in temperatures below seven degrees Celcius. However, when using summer tyres in warmer conditions, they will have better longevity in comparison with winter tyres.

This could save you money when driving, as you won’t have to replace your tyres as frequently. Having the correct tyres for the conditions will also improve your fuel efficiency, as they’re able to achieve a better level of traction.


Where can I buy summer tyres for my car?

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