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When you're trying to replace your Proton tyres, chances are that you want to get tyres that are both reliable and of optimum value for your money.

Why spend your hard earned income on high price tyres at other dealerships or tyre depots, when you can purchase an affordable set from Tyre Shopper?

We work within your schedule, coming to you at home or work, so you don't need to take the time out of your day to be dealing with replacing your tyres. This is our goal – to save you both time and money.

You're going to find that locating new replacement tyres for your Proton vehicle isn't going to be a difficult error, you also need to keep in mind there are other parts to this.

Whatever model of Proton that you own, whether it be an SUV, sedan or a van, the ultimate decision on the right replacement tyres is going to be a tyre that meets all of the needs of you as a driver, your habits on the road and other comfort factors.

These determinants are going to be what will help you to decide with tyres to pick to fit on your Proton vehicle

Some Background on Proton Vehicles

The Proton auto manufacturing company was created in 1983 by Malaysia's Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad. With most of the technical aspects of this car manufacturer coming from the notable car manufacturer Mitsubishi, the company created its first car, the Proton

Saga, in the fall of 1985. While the Proton manufacturers originally relied on the parts and components created for the fittings of their cars by Mitsubishi, the Proton manufacturers later began to create their own components, and used local manufacturing labor to help build the cars.

While the Proton Company relied for many years on other technology from companies like Mitsubishi, they created their first internally designed and manufactured car, the Proton Waja, in 2001.

The Proton Waja was a success, but Proton's hold on the market began to continually slip, reduces by more than 30% presence in the market, because of legislation that reduced import tariffs.

The company has since gotten back on its feet, and this year, Proton will be creating their first car to be manufactured and available for sale globally, called the Proton Preve.

Considerations on Changing Proton Tyres

When deciding that it's time to replace the tyres on your model Proton vehicle, there are some considerations and decision making factors that need to be carefully considered, to ensure you're selecting the right tyres that meet all of your needs.

The first thing that needs to be looked at is if the tyres you've selected have high safety ratings, durability, and an affordable cost. The second major consideration should look at the range of speeds you typically drive in, and if this averaged speed is something you can continually maintain with the tyres you've selected.

And lastly, you need to look at the conditions and weather in your area and decide whether or not it is beneficial to have two sets of tyres for all seasons.

No matter what tyres you choose, we want you to feel confident in your decision to purchase your Proton vehicle replacement tyres from Tyre Shopper and fitted by National Tyres and Autocare (The fitting partner of choice). They are UK's number one fast fir specialist, and they have more than 1,000 capable employees, located in 225 branches, who are ready to assist you.


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