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Looking to replace the tyres on your Mitsubishi, but don't want to pay the high prices that they charge at other tyre depots and dealerships? Then consider getting your tyres from Tyre Shopper, to ensure that you get the best quality, service and affordable prices on the market in the UK!

Not only do we have affordable rates for our Mitsubishi tyres, but we also work with you to get the tyres replaced on your schedule, having one of our technicians coming in to replace the tyres when you're at work or at home. It's all up to you!

Take a look at some of the tyres that are seen on many of the popular Mitsubishi models, so you can get a sense of what tyres will be right for your Mitsubishi vehicle, and make sure to double check the sizing with the sizing of your current tyres.


The Colt is known for its unique shape, and its low fuel consumption. When you are looking to replace the tyres on your Mitsubishi Colt, consider selecting the Rainsport 2, the ContiSportContact 3 and if you want to lower your CO2 emissions, consider the Bridgestone Turanza ER30 tyres.


The Lancer line from Mitsubishi offers a family saloon, a high performance hatchback, and a five door hatchback. The Lancer offers a great deal of balance and control, especially on wet roads, and recommended tyres are Goodyear NCT5 and Michelin Pilot Primacy.

Some Background Information on Mitsubishi

While Mitsubishi is well-known in the car world, the company itself has delved into many different markets in technology. Starting as a shipping company in 1870, this small company has grown in many different directions, making many different products.

In the car industry in particular, they have been at the forefront of many technological advances, creating and introducing the world's very first system for traction control in 1990. After this initial control system, Mitsubishi also created the Super Select 4WD, and ABS.

Mitsubishi cars have also been involved in competitive sports, with the Shogun model competing in events like the Dakar, and the Lancer model making a presence in the World Rally Championship.

Considerations for Changing Mitsubishi Tyres

When you are looking to get your Mitsubishi tyres replaced, with tyres from Tyre Shopper, there are some things that need to be fully considered. You want to make sure that the cost, safety ratings and durability are what you're looking for.

Speed rating and range is also important when considering what tyres to go with for your vehicle. Making sure to have appropriate tyres for different seasons and weather is also an important factor.

No matter what tyres you choose to replace the tyres on your Mitsubishi, you can breathe a sigh of relief that National Tyres and Autocare (The fitting partner of choice) will be handling the replacement. They are well-known, and have a reputation as the UK's number one fast-fit specialist.

They'll have one of 1,000 employees expertly switch over your tyres, either on the go, or at any one of our 225 branches across the UK.


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