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Ownership of a Jeep instantly marks you as rugged and adventurous. For that is the image associated with these sturdy 4x4s, which offer some of the best off-road capabilities.

While changing your Jeep tyres, quality is critical. Considering the vehicle's rugged use, you need tyres that:

(a) wear well and evenly

(b) produce minimal noise and

(c) offer high levels of grip and stability.

Look no further than Tyre Shopper for the highest quality tyres for your Jeep. And we will fit the tyres at your residence or work, making life that much simpler for you.

Given below are our top recommended tyres for Jeep models only meant to serve as a guide. So do remember to cross-check your vehicle's tyre size before ordering online at www.tyre-shopper.co.uk.

Jeep New Cherokee

One of Jeep's most popular models, the New Cherokee is seen as often on roads as it takes off off-road. And the car's high aesthetic appeal also works in its favour.

Excellent handling characteristics and reduced noise are necessary for the Jeep Cherokee tyres, which are present in Goodyear Wrangler HP. Our top tyre recommendations for this model include Michelin Latitude Tour HP, Pirelli Scorpion STR and Continental Cross Contact LX Sport MO .

Note that the recommended tyre size for the sidewall profile is between 65-70mm. This figure is always high for off-roader tyres given the rough terrain they traverse.

Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate fusion of comfort and capability. While supporting you adequately when you go off road with its excellent handling and stability, the vehicle also offers high levels of comfort and sophistication in the interiors.

As the Wrangler exhibits greater off-roading capabilities than the Cherokee, its tyres demand a higher profile height of 70-75 mm.

Recommended tyres for the Jeep Wrangler include Goodyear Wrangler HP, Dunlop Grand Trek AT3 and the Continental Conti Cross Contact LX Sport MO.

Some Background Information about Jeep

The name Jeep is associated world wide with tough, rugged vehicles that can traverse the roughest terrains, including mud, snow, water and practically anything else.

The history of Jeep is linked with WWII as they were the vehicles used by the Allies starting from 1941. The first Jeep vehicles for civilian use made their appearance later in 1945.

Since 1987, Jeep has been part of the Chrysler Corporation.

Till date, Jeep continues its legacy of producing the world's best 4x4 vehicles, promising enthusiasts the adventure of taking the path less trodden...literally.

Considerations while Choosing Tyres for your Jeep Vehicles

Choosing the best quality tyres for your Jeep is critical to maintain optimal ride quality and safety. You may not look for speed in your Jeep, but you do want stability and adequate shock absorption from your tyres.

The widest range of Jeep tyres from reputed manufacturers is available at Tyre Shopper. Additionally, our low price promise is guaranteed to deliver maximum value.

Our fitting partner of choice is National Tyres and Autocare. It has more than 1000 professional tyre fitting experts.

With an extensive network of 225 branches all over the UK, the closest National Tyres representative will come to you for fitting your Jeep tyres.


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