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Top 5 Crazily Magnetic Tyre Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns can make or break a product. When an ad campaign makes an impact on you-it makes you laugh or cry, or forces you to think hard or in general touches you in a specific manner- you are more likely to buy the product. The same is true of tyres too.

However, the glitch is that tyres are not as glamorous as high end fashion products or jewellery. Neither are they as popular as chocolates or chips. They are, after all, just ‘plain old tyres’ - mundane, routine things that no one even bothers to see a second time.

Incidentally, some tyre companies have broken the norm and produced some extremely creative and thought provoking ad campaigns for tyres. These are the campaigns that remain with you long after the TV has been switched off or after the magazine has been put away.

These campaigns have of course contributed to the increase in the respective tyres’ sales.

Top 5 Creative Tyre Advertising Campaigns

  1. Toyo ‘Body Part’ Tyre Ads
    No typo there. You read that one right. Engine, a Northampton based advertising agency created a series of ads for Toyo Tyres, comparing the tyre properties to different body parts. The idea was that ‘just as body parts are vital to optimal functioning of the body, the right tyres are crucial for your car to function perfectly. Creatively making the connection and starring in these ads are (hold your breath) tyre sperms, tyre heart and tyre vertebrae. These elements highlighted the tyres’ agility, ability to connect well with the road and ability to maintain stability under varied surface conditions respectively. The adverts caused quite a stir in the industry and publications voluntarily upgraded the position of these ads (at no extra cost) creating greater exposure for the brand. According to company spokespersons, Toyo was able to raise their UK market share as a result of the ad campaign.
  2. Bridgestone “Precious” Tyres Campaigns
    To promote a range of its premium tyres, Bridgestone launched a “Precious Tyres” campaign, equating premium tyres with precious stones. The connection was made cleverly and creatively by showcasing the tyres in jewellery boxes, just as one might display a pearl or any other precious stone. The advertisement saw criticism from some quarters for being ‘over the top’ or highly exaggerated. However, I do feel that advertising is all about exaggeration. The more you exaggerate, the stronger the point being made. And frankly, tyres are no less precious (in fact are much more precious) than jewellery as they play a direct role in your everyday safety.
  3. Michelin ‘Right Tyres can Change Everything’ Campaign
    Often tyre advertisements focus on performance and power with race tracks and crash helmets in the background. Michelin launched the ‘Right Tyres can Change Everything’ campaign, with a refreshingly unique theme- focus on safety and fuel efficiency. In a series of cute ads that had elaborate story lines, Michelin brought home the message very effectively. The ad showcasing how the improved braking distance of Michelin tyres helps save the life of adorable woodland creatures definitely deserves special mention. Similarly, the TV commercial that has Michelin Man fighting the evil fuel pump that guzzles down fuel and gobbles people’s hard earned money also deserves special mention. The idea behind Michelin’s campaign was to send across a strong message as to why people should opt for premium tyres and not budget ones. Premium tyres save lives.
  4. Continental ‘Soccer’ Theme Ads
    German tyre major Continental Tyres took advantage of the country’s fondness and passion for football to create a series of soccer themed ads. The advertising campaign promotes the company’s premium winter tyre range. The creativity lies in creating a football stadium within a tyre and highlighting the German stopping power. The pun is very much intended and refers both to the ability of Continental Tyres to stop cars and that of Team Germany stop opponents’ goals. Continental was the official sponsor of 2014 FIFA World Cup and the soccer themed ads are part of an integrated communication strategy across all media, print, TV and web.
  5. Apollo Tyres “Road is a Friend’ Campaign
    Indian tyre major Apollo Tyres came back into the media after a hiatus with a refreshing advertisement – the ‘Road is a Friend’ campaign. The ad highlights how Apollo Tyres take such good care of you (and your car) and thus makes the road your best friend. A unique thought and one that works. The scenic locales and the good looking model too contribute much to making this particular ad impactful.

Have you come across any tyre ad campaigns that made an impression on you? Do share with us. We look forward to your comments.

Jack Underwood

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