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Buying car tyres from comparison sites, such as Motokiki sounds like a good idea- however, are you actually getting the best deal? At Tyre Shopper we offer a price promise which guarantees we will beat any competitor’s price by £1. Our committed and diligent workforce consistently monitors the prices within the tyre market to ensure that Tyre Shopper's car tyre prices cannot be beaten. If you are looking to compare the tyre prices of either premium, mid-range or budget car tyres, then our handy comparison table will help find you the best deal.

Do Tyre Comparison sites offer you the best deal?

Tyre comparison sites, such as Motokiki work by giving you a list of quotations for car tyres you may want to buy. You search by entering your vehicle registration and post code and a list of search results appear.

However, there are a number of reasons why these deals are not the best on the market.

Sponsored Deals - No matter what comparison site you go on, whether it be for tyres in this case, or even insurance for your car- they all contain a number of sponsored listings (companies who have paid to be top of the search results). These sponsored listings may not offer you the best price- so make sure you check with Tyre Shopper before making any rash decisions when it comes to purchasing your car tyres.
Complete Searches - Tyre Comparison sites such as Motokiki do not always scan the entire market, meaning you may be missing out on a bargain or even missing out on a number of special offers and discounts from other tyre websites such as Tyre Shopper.
Discount and Special Offers - At Tyre Shopper we offer a number of discounts for our users. Throughout the year we provide special discount codes for our users, meaning that you may be able to purchase tyres from brands such as Dunlop, Bridgestone, Michelin or Continental tyres for a cheaper price than initially found on tyre comparison sites.

Buying Car Tyres Direct From Tyre Shopper

There are a whole host of reasons why you should buy your tyres for either your car, van or 4x4 from Tyre Shopper. At Tyre Shopper we offer a fantastic service, from the beginning of your tyre buying process, right until the end where you can get your tyres fitted at one of our 230+ UK fitting centres. You don't have to take our word for it- on Trust Pilot, one the largest and most reputable customer review sites on the internet, we have gained over 25,500 reviews and are rated 5 stars out of 5 stars

Searching for tyres for your vehicle on the Tyre Shopper is easy. Much like the process on Motokiki, you need to enter your vehicle registration number into the search box to find tyres suitable for your vehicle. We also offer the option to search via your tyre size to guarantee that you are purchasing the correct tyres for your vehicle. Once this is done, you will be able to find a wide range of tyres for your vehicle. Whether you are looking for premium, mid-range or budget tyres, Tyre Shopper will be able to accommodate what you are looking for. We stock a number of tyre brands which are exclusive to our brand such as well-respected mid-range tyre brand Sailun Tyres. Sailun tyres are a tyre brand that no tyre comparison site will be able to offer you.

If you are looking to purchase tyres online then you need look no further than Tyre Shopper. We understand that purchasing tyres online can be a stressful occasion, especially as it is not a process that we expect you do on a regular basis. However, if you are looking for tyres and wanting to book online then we aim to make is a simple and easy process from start to finish. 

Tyre comparison sites are admittedly a handy tool- especially as buying tyres is a process that many are unfamiliar with. However, at Tyre Shopper, we also offer the capability to compare tyre prices, as well as offering a price promise and special offers throughout the year. On occasion we offer a free lifetime tyre guarantee (usually £7.50 per tyre) on a number of tyre brands. 

Learn more about Tyre Shopper and the services that we provide here.

Jack Underwood

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