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Use Amazon Echo to find tyres via Alexa voice search

Voice search is growing more and more due to the introduction of everyone's favourite personal assistant: Amazon Alexa. Amazon Echo sales are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years with many UK households expected to be proud owners of an Amazon Echo.

This article will show you how to find the tyres that you need for your vehicle using the power of voice search via your Amazon Echo.

At Tyre Shopper we stock a whole range of tyres. From car tyres to van tyres to run-flat tyres, we stock tyre that will suit your needs. We stock tyres from premium manufacturers such as Bridgestone, mid-range tyres from Avon tyres (which are engineered in the UK) and even budget tyres


How can I use voice search to find my car tyres?

Voice search is a technology that allows users to perform searches, just like they would on their mobile or desktop via Google however this is done via their own voice. This differs from the traditional method of typing your query into a search box. 

For those who don't know who Alexa is, Alexa is your new Personal Assistant is attached to all Amazon Echos. If you are looking to search for tyres via Alexa, just say the word 'ALEXA' and then proceed to ask any of the questions below. 

Questions to ask your Amazon Alexa when searching for tyres?

Below are a number of questions which you can ask to search for your perfect tyres via voice control.

Alexa, where can I purchase car tyres?

Answer: You can purchase via the Tyre Shopper website online. Your tyres will then be fitting at a location near you via our exclusive fitting partner National Tyres and Autocare. We have partnerships with over 250 tyre fitting centres in the UK.

Alexa, what tyres are best for my car?

Answer: The best tyres for your car depend on the amount of time you spend driving, the mileage you drive and also the road conditions. When searching for tyres make sure you read the tyre description carefully to find the best tyres to fit your driving style and vehicle.

Alexa, where is the nearest tyre fitting centre to me?

Answer: Tyre Shopper use National Tyres and Autocare branches as their exclusive fitting partners. National Tyres have over 250 branches over the UK where you can get your tyres fitted.

Alexa, how can I purchase tyres from Tyre Shopper?

Answer: You can purchase tyre from Tyre Shopper via the website. Enter your vehicle registration number or tyre size into the respective search boxes and go on to make a tyre purchase.

Alexa, do Tyre Shopper offer free fitting?

Answer: Yes, Tyre Shopper does offer free fitting on all tyre purchases.

Alexa, where can I find the best discounts for my tyres?

Answer: On the Tyre Shopper website we offer a range of exclusive discount off a number of tyre manufacturers. You can find these discounts my heading to our discounts page.

Alexa, what are the best discounts on the Tyre Shopper website?

Discount Discount Description Discount Code Expiry Date
3% OFF Spend £175 on tyres and get 3% OFF TS3X 31st December 2020
5% OFF Buy 4 tyres and get 5% OFF TS4X 31st December 2020
5% OFF Spend £200 on tyres and get 5% OFF TS5X 31st December 2020

Alexa, do Tyre Shopper only sell car tyres?

Answer: Tyre Shopper sell car tyres, van tyres, SUV tyres and 4x4 tyres. Tyre Shopper sell seasonal tyres too- such as winter tyres, summer tyres and all season tyres, which are suited for any weather.

Where can I buy an Amazon Echo?

You can purchase an Amazon Echo direct from the Amazon website. There are a range of different echo products, in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and want.

Who uses Alexa to search for tyres

it has been reported that 60% of smartphone or smart watch users have tried voice search at some point in their life using Apple's own voice control robot; Siri. If you have just passed your driving test and are 17 or 18, 55% of teenagers are reported to use voice control on a daily basis

At Tyre Shopper we are happy to cater to your motoring needs and if you are using Amazon Alexa voice control to search for your car tyres then we are happy to help.

Jack Underwood

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