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Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 Tyres

Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 Tyres

Prices from £74.99 to £98.99
Includes fitting, valves, balancing and casing disposal, and VAT at 20.0%

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As a leading provider to UK motorists, Tyre Shopper know a thing or two about good tyres, and the reputations and reality of all the major tyre manufacturers. Take Uniroyal; they are renowned throughout the industry for their ‘rain tyres’, with a long and distinguished history of providing drivers with tyres that deliver optimum protection in wet weather conditions.

Come rain or shine, Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 are good tyres

With the introduction of their AllSeasonExpert 2 tyre, this reputation for developing good tyres is further enhanced. Building on the admirable attributes and characteristics of their original AllSeasonExpert tyre, their latest offering is already proving to be a hit with motorists who insist on a well known, dependable brand that they can confidently drive on – all year round. For car and SUV drivers, the AllSeasonExpert 2 is a tyre that delivers exactly this.

Good tyres for the school run and every day driving

The AllSeasonExpert 2 offers safety and reliability in all weather conditions, no matter the season. It’s the ideal tyre for occasional drivers, and just what you need if you drive a compact-class car, or midsize and compact SUV vehicles. If you’re a driver who, for instance, ferries the kids to and from school, or from time to time pops into town for errands and shopping, Uniroyal’s latest all season tyres make sense. Not only is this highly reputable mid-range tyre extremely reliable, it’s priced competitively too.

Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 Highlights

  • Great protection against aquaplaning
  • Superb handling characteristics, especially when cornering
  • Excellent grip all year round
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Very competitively priced

Safety first – now, and always

The new Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2 delivers outstanding safety and reliability all year round. It’s engineered to cope with the best and worst of the British weather. Like every all season tyre, it’s manufacture is a delicate balance between performance, safety, comfort, and economic requirements. There’s no one single way, or answer, for achieving this. As a result, tyre makers prioritise each characteristic differently.

With Uniroyal, their reputation for providing UK drivers with good tyres comes from their focus on safety characteristics – especially in wet weather conditions. This priority on safety is realised through the use of Uniroyal’s exceptional ‘Shark Skin Technology’ (SST) which mimics the extraordinary, unique skin texture of its marine namesake.

Why? Because – like the dermal scales of the shark – SST pushes water away more efficiently, and with less drag. As a result, more water is removed from between the tyre and the road surface, providing superior grip, and minimising the possibility of aquaplaning.

The safety of motorists in all seasons is paramount for Uniroyal. It’s why many drivers consider Uniroyal’s the best tyres. Given how much rain we typically get in the UK, coupled with the high probability of having children in the car, it’s clear why so many occasional drivers of compact and mid-sized cars and SUVs choose the Uniroyal AllSeasonExpert 2.

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