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Car tyre sizes explained

Do tyre sizes confuse you? You’re not alone – the average person doesn’t know what size tyres are fitted to their vehicle.

We explain everything you need to know here:

Where can I find my vehicle’s tyre size?

Regardless of which manufacturer made the tyre, its size is indicated on the tyre sidewall.

You’ll find the size information – a series of letters and numbers - printed or embossed over the surface of the sidewall.

Most tyre manufacturers follow an industry-standard method to state the information about each tyre, helping main dealers, independent garages, and personal buyers.

How to read the tyre sizes

Let’s take the tyre above as an example. The tyre size is: P205/65 R16 95V.

The first number is the width of the tyre in millimetres. Therefore, this radial tyre has a width of 205mm.

The ‘65’ confirms the height shown as a percentage of the full tyre width.

The letter ‘R’ depicts the variety of tyre. This refers to the tyre being a radial type- this is like the majority of the tyres used today. Very occasionally, alternative letters are shown to indicate other types of tyres that are constructed differently, for example B (bias belt) and D (diagonal).

The number ‘16’ is the wheel rim diameter stated in inches. This tyre will fit over a rim that is 16 inches.

The ‘95’ indicates the load index.

The final letter ‘V’ corresponds to the tyre speed rating. In the example, the speed rating indicates a maximum speed of 118 miles per hour (190 kilometres per hour).

What other information can you find on the sidewall?

The sidewall of the tyre also confirms the company brand, the maximum operating inflation pressure allowed, the maximum load carrying capacity and the model type.

Tyres from international manufacturers will also carry other information as dictated by domestic regulatory authorities.

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