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A simple guide to EU tyre labelling

EU tyre label laws which came into force in November 2012, stated that all tyres sold in the UK have to display a special label.

What is the aim of the tyre ratings?

The aim of the new tyre regulations is to promote tyres which are safe, fuel efficient and create less noise pollution.

The regulations also give motorists more information to assist them during the buying process, especially with online tyres.

Every EU tyre label gives information about the tyre’s performance in three different areas:

Fuel efficiency

The first is the fuel efficiency and rolling resistance rating which grades tyres from A to G.

A-rated tyres are most efficient and save the most fuel, while tyre rating G is least efficient, burning the most fuel.

Wet braking performance

The second category is wet braking performance.

Tyres are graded on a scale of A to G, with A-rated tyres having the shortest wet braking distances and G having the longest wet braking performances.

Tyres with excellent grip have shorter braking distances on wet roads, an important safety benefit when driving in the rain.

External noise

External noises are rated on the label with a three-tier wave system. Tyres with one wave are the quietest tyres, and tyres with three waves are the loudest.

The EU tyre label regulation does not affect:

  • Professional off-road tyres
  • Temporary-use spare tyres
  • Studded tyres
  • Racing tyres
  • Re-treaded tyres
  • When tyre speed rating is less than 80 km/h
  • Tyres to be fitted on vehicles registered for the first time before October 1, 1990

More information

Read the full tyre ratings article here for more information on the EU tyre labels or search for cheap tyres online now.



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