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Goodyear Excellence 225/55 y 17 Tyres

Goodyear Excellence
Multi award winning premium brand tyre
Goodyear Brand Logo
Size: 225/55 Y 17
Speed: Y
Load: 97
Tyre Rating:

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  • Superb handling to enhance driver control
  • Excellent comfort levels
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning
  • Shortened stopping distances to improve driver safety

Driving on good roads can quickly turn into a nightmare if your car does not have the best tyres fitted in order to provide you with the precision needed for emergency manoeuvres. You should always make sure that you choose your tyres based on your driving requirements and factor in performance for times when it is needed. With the Goodyear Excellence tyres, you can be assured of the best ride quality and handling precision for the life of your tyre. Tyre-Shopper stocks a wide range of Goodyear Tyres including the Excellence brand.

Why Goodyear Excellence Tyres for Your Car

Goodyear is well known for incorporating various innovative technologies in tyres, which help make your ride safer and more comfortable. With a focus on safety, the Excellence tyres are designed for providing you the correct braking and handling balance for emergency situations. With a silica compound added to the tread, wet condition performance is greatly enhanced. The tyre also provides great handling on dry roads. Shoulder stabilizers included in the tyre offer you a quiet ride thus reducing internal and external noise pollution.

The Excellence range was introduced by Goodyear after extensive research and feedback from over 40000 people about what they look for in a tyre. This research gave rise to innovations like the progressive spiral overlay which ensures that pressure on each point of the tyre is uniform. The shoulder stabilizers in the tyre help with weight transfer during challenging driving. As a result, driving stability remains intact, irrespective of driving surface.

Buy Goodyear Excellence Tyres from Tyre Shopper

At Tyre Shopper, we make sure that you get the best possible deals on the Goodyear Excellence series. Browse through our product description page to know more about how one of the most innovative tyres on sale today evolved. Read customer reviews and see ratings for this tyre at our website, before you decide on your purchase. A genuinely good all round tyre, this tyre from Goodyear has been consistently rated 8 out of 10 by our customers in factors ranging from dry and wet handling to steering responsiveness, noise level, quality versus price, tread patterns and appearance.

At Tyre Shopper, you have access to a wide variety of reviews which lets you do your own research before deciding to buy from us. Besides, fitting your tyres is a hassle free experience, thanks to our network of 230+ fitting centres across the UK. Simply choose a convenient fitting centre and have your tyres delivered there. Our technically trained tyre fitters will fit your radials and also balance any wheel non-alignment issues at no extra cost.

Add to this convenience, an award winning quality of service which includes toll free phone support, price comparison tools and great search tools and you can be assured that your Goodyear Excellence tyres will come to you at the best possible rates. We have won many awards and recognitions across the United Kingdom for our superior quality of service. We look forward to meeting your tyre requirements.

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