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If you're looking for a new set of Seat Leon tyres, you can choose one of the years above and we'll show you the best tyres for your car.

When to replace Seat Leon tyres?

The easiest way to tell if your tyres need replacing will be when you can feel a lack of handling performance when driving. I've you're getting a lot of wheel spin and not much grip, it's likely you need new tyres. You may also notice an increase in your braking distance and a decrease in fuel economy, due to a lack of tread on the tyres.

The minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm. The quickest way to check this on your Seat Leon is to use a 20p coin. Place the coin in your tread groove, and if you can see the border on the coin then your tyres will need replacing. We have a wide range of tyres for Seat Leon's that you can purchase online, and we'll even come to a place of your choosing to fit them.

How to find the right Seat Leon tyres?

You can find out what tyres you currently have on your Seat Leon by looking at the characters on the sidewall. They are usually displayed in a format such as 215/45 R16. The first numbers indicate the tyre width in mm, the fourth and fifth indicate the tyre profile, and the final characters indicate the wheel size.

To make finding your Seat Leon tyres easy and simple, you can simply input your vehicle registration into the box on our homepage. Then you'll just need to confirm the numbers on our website match the ones on your current tyre. Alternatively, click the year of your Seat Leon above and we'll show all the tyres suitable for your car.

Some options may be Seat Leon run flat tyres. These are designed to be functional in the event of a puncture, meaning you can get to a tyre garage without the risk of a tyre blowout.

Why choose Tyre Shopper for your Seat Leon tyres?

When buying your Seat Leon tyres online from Tyre Shopper, you're guaranteed the cheapest price. This is thanks to our price promise guarantee, where we check our competitors' prices so you'll always have the best deal.


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