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We stock a huge range of BMW 5 Series tyres so you're sure to find the right tyres for you − no matter if your model is from 1987 or you have this year's release. To find your tyres, simply choose the year of your vehicle from the list below, and we'll show the correct BMW 5 Series tyre sizes for your vehicle.

When to replace BMW 5 Series tyres

You'll know when your BMW 5 Series tyres need replacing if you start experiencing a shaky drive or when you hear squeaks, whines and other strange noises.

You should also check the condition of your BMW 5 Series tyres from time to time, and if you notice any cracks, bulges or blisters, then it's time to replace them.

Legally, the tread on your tyres must be more than 1.6mm. Ideally, they should be changed before the tread gets this low as it can impair handling and braking distance.

How to choose the right BMW 5 Series tyres

There are two main types of BMW 5 Series tyres, but whichever type you choose, you must make sure it's the right size. To find out the correct BMW 5 Series tyre size, click on the year your model was released and we'll tell you the exact tyres you need.

BMW 5 Series run flat tyres

BMW 5 Series run flat tyres are designed for those times when you get a puncture. Instead of potentially encountering a dangerous blowout, run flats will let you drive to a point of safety while still maintaining control of your vehicle.

However, BMW 5 Series run flat tyres can only be fitted to vehicles that are equipped for them.

BMW 5 Series seasonal tyres

BMW 5 Series summer tyres are the most popular tyre type and can be kept on the car all year round. If, however, you are more likely to encounter harsher winter weathers, like snow, slush, and ice, then you might want to consider BMW 5 Series winter tyres for a few months a year.

Why choose Tyre Shopper for your BMW 5 Series Tyres

Here at Tyre Shopper we've made buying BMW 5 Series tyres online simple. We know that finding and replacing your tyres can be confusing, so we're on hand 24 hours a day to help you find the tyres you need. Give us a call on 0800 731 0133 or use the live chat function during UK office hours.

And as a trusted supplier of cheap BMW 5 Series tyres, we're known for providing our customers with the highest quality tyres at the lowest possible prices, thanks to our price promise.


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