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If you're the proud owner of one of BMW's bestselling compact executive cars and are in need of new tyres, you've come to the right place. Whether you need BMW 3 Series tyres for a model from 1976 or the latest release, we've got the right tyres for your vehicle.

We've made buying BMW 3 Series tyres online simple. Choose the year of your vehicle from the list and we'll show you the correct BMW 3 Series tyres. Once you've chosen your tyres, decide on a fitting option location, and then book in a date and time that suits you.

When to replace BMW 3 Series tyres

The easiest way to tell if you need to change your BMW 3 Series tyres is with the 20p test. Place the coin into the grooves of each tyre, and if you can see the outer rim of the coin it's time to replace them.

While the legal limit for tread is 1.6mm, you'll start to notice a difference in handling before it reaches this point.

How to choose the right BMW 3 Series tyres

If this is the first time replacing your BMW 3 Series tyres online, it can be confusing to know which type to go for. The most important thing is to make sure you get the right BMW 3 Series tyre size, which is why when you choose the year of your model we give you the exact types of BMW 3 Series tyres you need. You can also choose between run flat and seasonal tyres.

BMW 3 Series run flat tyres

BMW 3 Series run flat tyres are specially designed to keep you on the road for a short period of time if you suffer a puncture. They will help you get home safely without having a blowout. If you're unsure whether your model can accommodate run flat tyres you can call us on 0800 731 0133 and speak to one of our friendly experts.

BMW 3 Series winter tyres

BMW 3 Series winter tyres are specifically designed to tackle harsh winter road conditions, including frost, snow and excess surface water.

They have a higher natural rubber content which keeps them supple in the cold. BMW 3 Series winter tyres also have thousands of tiny grooves in their tread blocks which are used to prevent aquaplaning, and help bite into snow, slush and ice.

BMW 3 Series summer tyres

BMW 3 Series summer tyres are the perfect all-round tyre. They have a relatively hard compound which softens in milder temperatures and can adapt to wet and dry road conditions. Although BMW 3 Series summer tyres can handle most weather conditions, they're not suitable for harsher winter weather that we occasionally experience in the earlier months of the year.

Why choose Tyre Shopper for your BMW 3 Series tyres

When you choose to get your BMW 3 Series tyres from Tyre Shopper you can do so with complete peace of mind. Since 1994, we've been helping drivers like you find the right BMW 3 Series tyres, and thanks to our price promise guarantee, you know you're getting cheap BMW 3 Series tyres that don't compromise on safety or longevity. Need any advice on the best tyres for your vehicle? Get in touch with our friendly team of experts who'll be happy to help.


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