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Looking for the Best Tyres for Your Bentley?

If you answered yes to the above question, that's wonderful, for you are at just the right place. Tyre Shopper, UK's top online tyre retailer offers you the highest quality tyres for your Bentley at prices guaranteed to offer you maximum value.

And if you can't add the task "Change Bentley Tyres" to already overfull 'To do List' for the day, that is fine. We will visit you at a time convenient to you and do what's needed.

Following are the recommended tyres for various Bentley models. But do remember to cross check the tyre size for your car before ordering online at www.tyre-shopper.co.uk

Bentley Arnage

The Bentley Arnage is often considered the epitome of 'old-world' British luxury. The fact that the Arnage may be lacking in the latest engineering technology and driving dynamics, does not take away even an iota from the magnificence and splendour of owning this 'beauty on wheels'.

For the Bentley Arnage, you need tyres that will support the weight of the car and its explosive power adequately while ensuring stability. The recommended tyre options for this car are Michelin Pilot Super Sport 2 and P Zero Rosso. The recommended tyre sizes are 255mm in tyre width with a lower profile height of 45-50mm. Low profile tyres are the standard for luxury/super cars to ensure improved handling and control.

Bentley Continental Flying Spur

If you own the Bentley Continental Flying Spur, you have truly and surely arrived. This is perhaps, one of the few cars in the world which combines high performance with exquisite elegance and refinement.

Large size tyres of 275mm diameter are required to support the car's weight and blistering performance. A low sidewall profile of 35-40mm keeps the ride height low to complement uprated suspension settings. Grip is also a very important consideration for this vehicle.

The recommended tyres include Michelin Pilot Super Sport, PZero Rosso B and the PZero Rosso Asimmetrico. And don't forget to ensure a speed rating of ZR for the tyres.

Some Background Information about Bentley

Bentley is known throughout the world as the manufacturer of luxury automobiles. Though the company was taken over by the German Volkswagen Group in 1998, Bentley is considered a staunch British brand, which it is.

One of the most popular of the Bentley models is the Continental GT. The car was an instant success at launch and there were lengthy waiting periods for acquiring one. The Continental Flying Spur is a four door version of the GT.

Latest versions of the Continental Flying Spur Speed and the Continental GT Speed are expected to be launched in 2013.

Considerations While Changing Your Bentley Tyres

Your Bentley is a symbol of luxury and performance and deserves no less than the best quality tyres. At Tyre Shopper, you can be assured that we stock only the highest quality tyres from renowned manufacturers. Our affordability is backed by a 'lowest price promise'.

Our fitting partner of choice is National Tyres and Autocare, which, across its 225 branches in the UK comprises more than 1000 tyre fitting specialists.

Buy your next Bentley tyres from Tyre Shopper and a tyre specialist from National Tyres and Autocare will fit the tyre at your convenience.


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