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EU Tyre Labelling

What is it?

All Tyre-Shopper tyres that we supply come with the latest EU Tyre Labelling. The labels mandated by the EU in late 2012, provide improved information about tyres to help buyers make an information choice. The labelling covers fuel efficiency, braking in wet road conditions, and exterior noise.

All types of standard tyres, whether for a 4X4 or other vehicle, will come with this same tyre information as standard within the EU. There are few exceptions, for non-standard tyres, which are covered further down the page.

How do the labels look?

The tyre rating labels are shown in their respective sections below with more information about each label.

The tyre rating covers:

  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Wet Grip and Braking Distances
  • External Noise

1. Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Efficiency

Tyres have a fuel efficiency rating from A to G (The D rating is not actually ever used). A-rated tyres are the most fuel-efficient tyres and G-rated tyres will have you filling up far more often.

With more fuel efficiency from well chosen tyres, this lowers the cost of motoring and releases less harmful Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. The choice of A-rated tyres over G-rated tyres equates to a 7.5% saving in fuel.

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Tyres indirectly use 20% of fuel consumption due to something called “rolling resistance”. Rolling resistance is the friction created when the tyres touch the road. Each tyre has a different amount of rolling resistance depending on its shape and composition. Tyres with reduced rolling resistance use less fuel and are less expensive to own.

The fuel efficiency label helps tyre buyers know which tyre is more energy efficient and less expensive to drive. As an example, an A-rated type may use 80 litres less petrol each year (costing over £110) compared to when using G-rated tyres. This estimate is based on a petrol engine covering 10,000 miles at a cost of £1.40 for every litre of petrol.

More fuel efficient tyres also offer the added benefit of creating less Carbon Dioxide emissions.

2 - Wet Grip & Braking Distances

Eu Tyre Labelling Wet Grip And Braking Distances

Tyres get a rating for their combined wet grip and braking distance rating. This is how long it takes for the vehicle to come to a complete stop in wet road conditions.

Wet Weather Tyres are certainly worth owning for times when weather conditions are expected to be poor for many weeks. Tyre Shopper has a range of wet weather tyres to suit many types of vehicles.

Wet weather tyres are rated A to G (D and F ratings are not used). A choice of A-rated tyres instead of G-rated tyres would cut wet braking distances by 18 metres.

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Tyres struggle to grip the road to slow down in wetter road conditions. Tyre manufacturers change tyre patterns to improve braking times and reduce the chance of aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is a situation where water sits between the road and the tyre causing the tyres to float along, lacking the grip to immediately respond to the driver’s commands.

The new wet weather tyre label helps drivers choose the tyre with the shortest stopping distance.

It is useful to know that the braking distance variation between each wet weather rating equates to 3-6 metres of braking distance. The maximum benefit is 18 metres shorter braking distance based on driving at 50mph in wet road conditions when choosing A-rated tyres over G-rated ones.

external noises

External Noises

External noise emissions measure the decibels (dB) created outside the vehicle when that tyre is used in normal driving conditions. The label displays as one, two or 3 audio waves (one audio wave is the lowest). The number of decibels is also shown as a numeral.

We have a separate page to learn more about Noise Efficient Tyres to learn more.

Traffic noise is an important issue, especially in quiet neighbourhoods where people are trying to sleep at night. New legislation is coming in that will put more restrictions on noise levels which makes the purchase of noise efficient tyres more important than ever before.

Breaking down the noise level ratings:

One wave indicates 3 decibels or more under the current noise legislation.

Two waves indicate an acceptable noise level for current and future noise legislation.

Three waves indicate a tyre that will meet current noise mandated levels, but will fail future limits and need changing in the future.

Why the labels now?

The EU tyre labels are designed to provide more information to the vehicle owner to help them make better choices. Drivers who regularly take motorway trips, driving through different weather systems over a long drive will benefit from knowing how well their tyres can handle wet road conditions. People who live in a quiet cul-de-sac will be able to reduce the noise when they arrive back late at night trying not to wake the whole neighbourhood.

Are all tyres rated?

Regular passenger, 4x4 and van tyres will all have the EU ratings. This means that all of the tyres currently sold by Tyre Shopper carry the EU labels.

The tyres that do not have the EU labels include off-road, vintage, spare, studded, and racing tyres. Also, tyres that have a speed limit of 80km/h or less are exempt.

Are the labels standardised across tyre brands?

Yes, whether you’re looking at a Michelin, Continental or other brands, the 3 label information can be compared side-by-side.

Our Responsibilities

Both tyre manufacturers and tyre distributors are responsible for providing EU tyre labels. This is self-certified process where tyre manufacturers determine how each tyre should be correctly rated. Tyre Shopper provides this information on the product page for each tyre listed on the website.

For every tyre sold by Tyre Shopper, we will include the tyre sold and its tyre label information relating to fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise ratings.

Our Telesales team can be contacted on 0800 731 0134 to discuss your requirements and help you to select an appropriate tyre. Alternatively, there is a live chat option available during office hours. Simply click the button below to access live chat.

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