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COVID-19 Update - We are open for business

At Tyre Shopper, our number one priority is the health and wellbeing of our employees and customers.

We have been keeping everyone safe on the roads for almost 15 years, and we want to assure you that we are taking extra precautions, in conjunction with our fitting partner National Tyre and Autocare, in their branches across the UK in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

In conjunction with National, we have produced this list of Frequently Asked Questions to help you understand what changes are now in place when you visit one of their branches.



Update: England - New National lockdown restrictions from 5th November to 2nd December

As an 'Essential Service' provider in England, National remains FULLY OPEN

Update: Wales returns to normal restrictions from 9th November 2020

As an 'Essential Service' provider in Wales, National remains FULLY OPEN

Update: Scotland's 'Five Tiers' including certain areas now in Level 4 Lockdown until 11th December

As an 'Essential Service' provider in Scotland, National remains FULLY OPEN


Can I drive in England & Wales?

You can travel, but only if you have a 'reasonable' cause. You can still drive to seek medical help, to get a coronavirus test, to buy food or medication. You can still travel to work, but only if you cannot do your job from home. You cannot travel to go on holiday.

Can I get my car repaired in England & Wales?

You can still get car repairs done if not getting them done would "pose a direct risk to people's safety". You can still take your car to a garage if it needs an MOT.

National can still come to you with their Covid-Secure Mobile Tyre Fitting Service - No contact needed - Bookable online.

Are your branches in England, Scotland and Wales still open?

Yes. Each country's government has made an exception for specific businesses that they would like to stay open to support critical and essential workers that need to remain mobile in a time of national crisis. Therefore as an 'Essential Service Provider', National is authourised to continue trading under the exemption ‘Car garages and repair shops’. National continues to trade in a Covid-Secure manner.

Are you only serving essential or key workers?

No. National will service ALL customers who need their vehicle to maintain mobility.

Will you be prioritising critical front line workers?

Yes. Critical and front line workers will be given priority wherever possible.


Have your opening hours changed?

All National's branches are open for business, though some may be operating reduced opening hours.

Our branch listings are regularly updated to reflect these changes, so please check before traveling.

What do I do on arrival?

Either report to reception or call the branch from your car, if you prefer not to enter the premises.

No more than two people are allowed in reception and only one customer will be allowed to approach the reception desk at a time.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare my car on arrival?

Please locate your locking wheel nut (if required) and leave it on the front seat, so National's do not have to search for it.

Please turn your air conditioning/ventilation system OFF.

Will they touch my car keys?

Keys will only be handled by National's staff when wearing gloves.

Will they touch the inside of my car?

If they need access to the inside of the car, they will use sanitizing wipes to clean the door handles, gear stick, steering wheel, and handbrake lever.

What Social Distancing measures are in place?

National have introduced new social distancing measures in all their branches and we are asking customers to maintain a 2m distance from their staff and other customers.

Posters and other signage is on display in every branch and their staff will help guide you.

Where do I wait?

There will be limited capacity in their waiting rooms, so you may be asked to wait in your car (once you have reported to reception) until they are ready to begin work on your vehicle.

While your work is being completed, you may prefer to leave the premises. If this is the case, they will give you a call to return when work is complete.

The MOT Viewing Area will not be available.

What hygiene practices are in place amongst National's staff?

All staff routinely wear protective barrier gloves, fit seat covers, and use floor mats before working on customer’s vehicles. These are disposed of after every job.

Technicians work on ramps that are suitably spaced apart and customers should not need to interact with staff in the workshop space.

National have gone to great lengths to make sure that all branch staff understand the role each of us them play to help prevent the spread of infection, including thorough hand washing, avoiding contact with people who are ill and, of course, staying at home if they are not well themselves.

We share everyone’s concerns in this unsettling period and National will do everything they can to keep you and our staff safe while working on your vehicle.

Can I use the drinks machine?

No. Any vending machines will be switched off to limit the risk of contamination.

Can I use the toilet?

Yes. National provide disinfectant, soap to wash hands and hand dryers. National's staff are tasked with regularly disinfecting customer toilets as well as wiping down door handles.

I’ve booked a mobile tyre fitting service, how will that work?

Please leave your locking wheel nut key on one of the wheels (so National's fitters do not need to access your car). On arrival, they will ask you to turn off your car alarm and commence work as normal. All the same safety procedures they adopt in branch are replicated by their mobile tyre fitting managers.

Once work is completed, they will put the locking wheel nut back where they found it and advise you of their departure, so you can re-lock your vehicle. No signature or contact is required. Perfect for those shielding or social distancing.


The Government has extended some driver’s MOT due dates and this has caused some confusion amongst customers, which we attempt to answer below;

Has my MOT been extended?

National can advise you whether your MOT has been extended or you can check yourself at the Government’s web site by following this link and typing in your registration number Check MOT Due Date

Why has my MOT been extended?

The Government announced that due to lockdown, they were automatically extending MOT due dates by 6 months to prevent drivers being in breach of the law.

Anyone who’s MOT expired after the 30th March 2020, will be extended by 6 months from the expiry date of their current test certificate. For example, if your MOT was due on 30th April, it would be changed to 30th October.

How long will the MOT extension scheme last?

The Government stopped extending MOTs on 31st July. Customer's with MOT dates from 1st August 2020 now need to get their MOT done.

Will there be issues finding an MOT slot for my vehicle?

The Government suggest that around 9m vehicles had their MOT extended and this means that between September 2020 - February 2021 there is likley to be DOUBLE the usual level of demand for MOT slots.

Tyre Shopper's advise is to BOOK EARLY because as demand rises it will likely become very difficult to find a slot. We would suggest booking your car in in August (a traditionally quieter month for MOTs) in order to take advantage of some of the deals that are currently available (and may be withdrawn later in the year).

Our fitting partners at National have over 140 MOT Testing stations and are currently running a 1/2 price MOT offer for Tyre Shopper customers - simply visit www.national.co.uk and enter code DV337 in the basket.


Updated: November 2020


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