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Avon ZV5 Tyres


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Avon ZV5 features and benefits

  • Improved grip on dry and wet surfaces to enhance safety when driving
  • Minimised external noise levels to improve comfort
  • Cost effective solution due to the extended tyre longevity
  • Reduced risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions

About Avon Tyres

Avon have been manufacturing tyres for over 100 years. Avon Tyres pride themselves on providing high-quality tyres at affordable prices. Many of Avon's tyres are manufactured in the United Kingdom. Avon Tyres are known for their generous investments in research and development and stringent tyre testing methods that are delivering the desired results. An original British brand, Avon Tyres is now part of American tyre manufacturer Cooper Tyres.

If you own a small or medium sized car and stay in a place where it rains all the time then the Avon ZV5 tyres are a perfect fit for you! These tyres offer superior performance especially on wet roads. Tyre Shopper brings to you a wide range of products from Avon and other brands at guaranteed lowest prices.

Simplifying Your Buying Decision

When you buy tyres, you want to be sure that you are making the right choice- after all, you safety depends on it. We bring you customer reviews for eachof the products in our inventory to simply your purchase decision. 

Besides positive customer reviews, these tyres are also highly recommended by experts for their superior performance and handling characteristics.

Avon ZV5 - Features and Performance

The outer shoulder has grooves that clear accumulated water from the tread while driving in rain. This reduces chances of skidding and provides better grip. The unique Tri-Arc tread pattern that ensures uniform road contact. Due to the presence of lower sidewalls, the steering response increases, giving you better control, especially during cornering. This technology found in high end sports cars and is brought to you at a very reasonable price at Tyre-Shopper. In fact, if you compare prices on our website, you’ll find that we offer the lowest prices on a wide range of products as compared to our competitors.

Noise and Braking Responsiveness

Using the latest Opti-Noise formula, these tyres are the quietest in their segment. This is important because after the introduction of the recent EU legislation, all tyre labels have to indicate noise levels. Get set to enjoy a peaceful and quiet long drive with your loved ones. The tread pattern allows for even contact with the road for maximised comfort and safety on wet and dry roads. The silica rubber compound reduces tread wear, enhancing tread life and considerably reducing your radial replacement costs. Being equipped with cushion like structures called rim flange protectors, these tyres prevent kerb damage and ensure that your expensive alloys remain intact!

Buy Avon Tyres from Tyre-Shopper

Choose from our extensive inventory of Avon Tyres. The popular ZV5 Avon product is available for 15-18 inch alloy fitments, with speed rating of V, W or Y. The XL variant of these tyres for reinforced load applications and run-flat options are also available with us. Once you have purchased your tyres you can have them delivered to a convenient fitting centre. We have over 250 centres across the UK to choose from. While there, you can talk to any of our experts for smart tips that will maximise the life of your tyres. Oh, and did we mention that the price you pay is inclusive of fitting too? We also throw in a new valve, computerised wheel alignment and take care of environmental disposal of casing. Order you set of Avon ZV5 tyres today, and we promise you it will be worth it.

This pattern may have options that are suited for Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Chrysler, Porsche, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz or BMW vehicles. This pattern may also be available as a Run Flat or have extra-load capabilities. Please check for the appropriate symbols in the tyre search results.

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