Uniroyal Rainexpert Tyres

The Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres, specialists in the rain tyre category,

are manufactured by Uniroyal Tyres. The company is a 100% subsidiary of leading tyre
manufacturer Michelin Tyres. While the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres perform superbly in wet conditions, they are equally adept on dry roads too.

The Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres are high performance rain tyres ideal for small to medium compact cars.

Uniroyal Rainexpert Tyres - the Dependable Rain Tyres

The Uniroyal brand from Michelin is all about enhanced technological features meant to deliver comfort, safety and performance on rain drenched roads. So
these tyres are absolutely worth the price you pay for them.

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Quick Facts

  • Unique V shaped tread pattern maximises performance on wet and dry roads.
  • Double concave grooves in the tread pattern expel surface water efficiently, enhancing aquaplaning resistance and increasing safety during rain.
  • Angled sipes in the tyre shoulder enhance grip resulting in shorter braking distances on wet and dry roads.
  • Presence of visual alignment indicators helps prevent uneven tread wear.
  • Optimised tread pattern guarantees quiet ride.

Customer Reviews

“Excellent value for money”

“Good tyre for a very reasonable price”

“Very pleased”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


  • How much are the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres?

The Uniroyal brand is considered a mid-range tyre brand. The Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres are amazingly reasonable considering that they are equipped with
premium features.

  • How good are the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres?

These tyres are indeed ‘experts’ on rain drenched roads. Their superior grip and aquaplaning resistance counter any chances of skidding, ensuring a
completely safe drive for your family.

  • How long do the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres last?

The Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres have an extended tyre life owing to their unique tread design and the presence of visual alignment indicators.

  • Where are the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres made?

Uniroyal is an erstwhile American company now owned by France based Michelin Tyres. Most Uniroyal tyres are primarily built in plants in Canada and the
United States.

  • Where to buy the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres from?

,UK’s number 1 tyre retailer is where you will get the best deals on these tyres.

  • Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres are used on what cars?

These tyres have been especially developed for compact family vehicles.

  • What is the tread wear warranty on the Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres?

Visual Alignment Indicators (VAIs) on both sides of the tread helps you spot any uneven wear and correct them on time. So though there is no formal tread
wear warranty, these tyres do last long.

  • What sizes are Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres available in?

These tyres are available in an extended range starting from 135/TR1370T to 245/65HR17 107H

  • What is the right size Uniroyal Rainexpert tyre for my car?

Tyre-Shopper consultants will guide you on the right size for your vehicle.

  • What do people think of Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres?

These tyres have garnered immense customer satisfaction and top notch reviews owing to their superior safety features.

  • Are Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres value for money?

These tyres are highly cost effective and last much longer than most tyres and offer superior performance and safety. So yes, they are a value-for-money
purchase for sure.

Independent Tests

The Uniroyal Rainexpert tyres were ranked 7th in the 2013 Auto Zeitung Summer Tyre Test.