The Ultimate Guide to Uniroyal Tyres

Over 140 years ago a tyre company came into light and showed to the world what quality production and revolutionary ideas could do to change the way we

think about tyres. We are talking about Uniroyal Tyres.

What is the History behind the Uniroyal Tyre Brand?

Originally known as the United States Rubber Company, the company came into existence when several rubber manufacturers in Naugatuck, Connecticut
consolidated their operations. Along the way, Uniroyal also merged with Belgium based Englebert Tyre Company. Here is some more information on history of
Englebert Tyres.

In 1868 Oscar Englebert started his business for rubber goods, and soon started experimenting with tyres for bicycles and horse-drawn carriages. His
company produced the first tyre in 1898.

In 1912 Englebert Tyres adopted the new zig-zag tread pattern into their tyres and by 1914 overwhelming demand had led to a four-fold increase in
production. By 1926 the company featured among the top five European rubber companies.

The following years saw the company rolling out newer plants in Aachen and one in France and in 1958, Englebert Tyres joined hands with the global Uniroyal

Uniroyal Corporation was already among the top three tyre manufacturers during this time and Englebert Fils & Co.GmbH then became known as Uniroyal
Englebert Deutschland AG. However, in 1967 the company re-christened itself to simply Uniroyal.

Who Owns the Uniroyal Brand?

This can be a little confusing as Uniroyal has associations with two of the largest tyre manufacturers of today. Uniroyal is owned by Continental Tyres in
Europe, but the brand is part of the Michelin group in the US markets.

What Tyres Does Uniroyal Focus on?

While Uniroyal does produce a wide range of tyres catering to all vehicles, seasons and driving needs, the company is best known for its rain tyres.

It was during these initial years that Uniroyal came out with the idea of rain tyres – which would be specially designed to counter extreme wet conditions
on the road.

In fact the red umbrella is an integral part of the Uniroyal branding and is present prominently across all brand communications.

Some Key Dates in its Tyre Development History

1904 – Launch of studded tyres.

1932 – Production of Super Balloon Tyres start.

1933 – Tyre carcass is made with rayon.

1950 – The first Uniroyal rayon belted tyre with a radial construct is introduced.

1959 – The first truck steel belted tyre Max is introduced.

1969 – The famous Rallye, the rain tyres are introduced

1980 – 2000 – The Rallye and MS range see stupendous developments.

2001 – The famous Rainsport 1 makes its grand entry.

2002 – Tyres with 19 inch diameters are introduced for the first time.

74rainsport 1

What Makes Uniroyal Special?

As a tyre manufacturer Uniroyal has always focused on innovative technology to offer nothing but the best for their customers.

Uniroyal’s famous Rain Tyres made their mark in 1969 and through a grand affair no less. The magazine ‘Auto, Motor und Sport’ crowned the Rallye 180, the
company’s first rain tyres as its overall test winner. This was also the first tyre to portray the famous umbrella logo.

This valuable trend of innovations led to Uniroyal becoming a truly multidimensional brand. It is Uniroyal which launched the highly successful V-shaped
tread in tyres in 1991 and later in 2001 the company pioneered the one directional tread pattern.

Does Uniroyal Offer a Wide Range of Tyres?

The company today has under its wide ‘umbrella’ a broad range of products including tyres for SUVs, compact cars, vans, powerful sports cars, saloons and
customized cars.

To support this broad base of vehicles, Uniroyal has confidently ventured into tyre engineering and innovations and produced tyres that are long-lasting,
efficient and highly desired by millions of customers world-wide.

From strong summer radials, to its legendary rain tyres as well as those meant to counter harsh winter conditions, its range is truly stupendous. For
instance the company has used different treads and rubber compounds to ensure that its winter tyres can survive tough icy and snowy conditions.

What Innovative Tyre Technologies are Used by Uniroyal?

Over the years, Uniroyal has carved a niche for itself by doing things differently than other tyre manufacturers. Breaking away from convention, the
company has diligently analysed customer requirements, travel and weather conditions and tyre durability.

Here we sample just a few of those unique contributions.

Why Special Rain Tyres

Even before we begin to laud this range of tyres you need to understand why Uniroyal approached the idea of making these

special rain radials


Through its years in the trade Uniroyal understood that there were actually very few tyres which could provide maximum safety on wet roads. Its research
showed that 25% of all accidents occurred on wet roads. Furthermore, rain reduced visibility and made it very difficult for the driver to concentrate.
Keeping these factors in mind the company launched its series of rain tyres.

Which are the Most Popular Rain Tyres from Uniroyal?

Uniroyal Rainsport Tyres

The Rainsport - Uniroyal’s special rain tyre has been designed to disperse 30 litres of water every second during its contact with the road, which
corresponds to 1800 litres per minute.

It has a special 3D structure at the base and at its side that offers superior resistance against aquaplaning. The tyres have remarkably short stopping
distances on wet roads.

Rallye 4x4 Street

This durable SUV radial is another very successful product from Uniroyal. This all-weather tyre has a very special double V design on its tread that allows
water to get dispersed both through the entire length and width of the tyre. This means that you have far superior resistance to aquaplaning than other

74 Ralley 4x4

Tiger Paw Touring –
Another legend from the legendary tyre manufacturers is the Tiger Paw Touring tyre.It’s wide circumferential grooves and patented
DuraShield construction gives you a tyre that is highly durable, reliable and stable in all weather conditions.

Does Uniroyal Manufacture Winter Tyres?

Uniroyal offers the following winter tyres in its brand portfolio.

Snowmax Tyres

This winter tyre is an excellent resource for light trucks and vans for the harsh winter conditions. Its patented wedge shaped tread grooves and compact
shoulder blocks allow for superb handling on ice, snow and wet surfaces. The tyres have been equipped with special wide drainage channels as well.

MS Plus

The MS Plus 66 is a high performance winter tyre for heavy vehicles. It provides complete comfort and safety to drivers of larger vehicles, especially
during cornering. This is possible because the tyres have been equipped with extended gripping edges. These radials offer superior short braking due to
their ability to make fast adjustments on the road. Another key feature of the MS Plus 66 is the lateral grip that the tyres provide on snow-filled roads.

What New Technology has Uniroyal Brought Forth in its Tyres?

It is technology that creates tyres, and technology that enhances them as well. Uniroyal’s unique vision of innovation has resulted in creating tyres
equipped with path breaking technologies such as-

TrU-Form Technology

This technology is meant to deliver long and sustained tread support by equally distributing stress on the contact points. This technology has equipped the
tyres with durability, strength and thus a much longer tread life.

VAI (Visual Alignment Indicator)

Another truly innovative feature: this technology consists of three visual alignment indicators on the inner and outer tyre tread. Thus you get a visual
indication of any unevenness in the tread, which can be corrected immediately. This special visual tool also enables you to correct the alignment of the
wheel if required. In fact such knowledge is crucial and early detection helps extend tyre life significantly.

74visual Alignment Indicator

3D Grooves

The 3D Grooves are a result of amazing technological vision. These grooves on the tread bars allow maximum volume of water to get dispersed from under the
tread surface. This means there is a greater contact between the road and the tyres and higher resistance to aquaplaning.

Where to Buy Uniroyal Tyres From?

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Superior engineering, durability and a keen understanding of customer needs has contributed to making Uniroyal a trusted name in the tyre business. Year
after year, its tyres are applauded and recommended by stalwarts in the trade including a series of test victories in leading industry magazines. They have
set new records in innovation with each new first having been designed to keep customer safety and comfort in mind.

From a humble rubber goods manufacturer to an internationally recognised tyre brand, Uniroyal in its 140 year old history has always taken the path less
treaded. Yet it still has miles to travel and several other milestones to launch!