Pirelli PZero Nero Tyres

Pirelli PZero Nero tyres
are designed and manufactured by the world’s fifth largest tyre manufacturer – Pirelli Tyres.

is now a global leader in both OE tyres and aftermarket tyres and accessories. It offers a broad gamut of products for almost every type of four-wheeler.
It boasts of 24 state-of-the-art production facilities in around 12 nations worldwide.

The Pirelli PZero Nero tyres are max performance summer tyres and a popular choice for high end vehicles that have been tuned up for performance. The tyres
offer exceptional ride comfort and assured safety while driving.

Drive safe, experience maximum comfort with the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres

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Quick Facts

? Excellent grip levels and flawless handling, thanks to its innovative asymmetric tread design.

? 3 broad circumferential grooves on the tread facilitate perfect water deflection, enabling enhanced safety on wet surfaces.

? High grip compound used in these tyres and advanced tread pattern ensure uniform pressure distribution, enabling quick braking in both wet and dry.

? Highly heat-resistant tread compound avoids heat build-up at high speeds, ensuring uniform performance at all speeds.

Customer Reviews

? “Great looks with performance to match”

? “Will buy it again”

? “No match for this on wet surfaces”

Tyre Rating

4.5 stars out of 5


How much do the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres cost?

Pirelli PZero Nero tyres feature advanced tread construction and high levels of stability and grip, while supporting high speed levels; exceptional
features at the price they come for.

How good are the Pirelli P
Zero Nero tyres?

These tyres not only look good, but also ensure superb ride comfort and high performance on wet and dry surfaces.

How long do the Pirelli P
Zero Nero
tyres last?

The advanced tread compound ensures lesser heat build-up and uniform wear. This means that the tyres last long.

Where are the Pirelli P
Zero Nero
tyres made?

With manufacturing plants in 12 nations, most of Pirelli’s products are locally produced.

Where to buy the Pirelli P
Zero Nero
tyres from?

Tyre-Shopper gives you the best rates on the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres and other tyres round the year.

What cars are the Pirelli P
Zero Nero
tyres used on?

These are max performance tyres for high powered vehicles from Audi, Land Rover, Ferrari, Jaguar and others.

What is the tread wear warranty on the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres?

Though tread wear warranty is not offered, its distinctive tread pattern guarantees long tyre life due to even tread wear.

What sizes are the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres available in?

Pirelli PZero Nero tyres range from 195 to 315mm diameter and fit 16-22 inch alloys. The profile heights for these low profile tyres range from 25-45mm.

What is the right size Pirelli PZero Nero tyre for my car?

Tyre experts at Tyre-Shopper will help you to find the right Pirelli PZero Nero tyre for your vehicle. Or, click here to search and find your perfect Pirelli tyre.

What do people think of the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres?

Customers consider this premium tyre as the best option for their performance up-tuned vehicles.

Are the Pirelli PZero Nero tyres value for money?

Attractive looks and superior performance make this tyre absolute ‘value for money’.

Independent Tests

The Pirelli PZero Nero tyres were ranked at the

2nd position at Auto Bild Performance Summer Tyre Test in 2013 (225/35 R18)

and secured the

4th position at Auto Bild 20 inch Tyre Test in 2012 (245/30 R20)