The Ultimate Guide to Pirelli Tyres

Pirelli Tyres is a global firm based out of Italy. It is the world’s fifth largest manufacturer of tyres with presence in 160 nations worldwide. It

manufactures its wide range of products at 24 production plants spread out globally and boasts of a sturdy network of 10,000 tyre distributors and

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What is Pirelli Tyres all About?

The company was founded in 1872. Since 1907, Pirelli has been actively sponsoring sports related events and championships. The tyre maker has been chosen
as the exclusive tyre provider for Formula 1 Racing Championship, from 2011 to 2018, as well as for the FIM Superbike Championship.

While tyre manufacturing forms 99% of its total revenue, Pirelli has also launched a premium sportswear brand PZero, and has also pioneered a sustainable
mobility and renewable resources initiative.

Since 1964, Pirelli regularly publishes its popular Pirelli Calendar, featuring contributions of ace photographers; popular fashion models and actresses.

Pirelli gives out its reputed Internetional Award every year recognising best international multimedia projects, in the field of communication,
created entirely using the Internet.

Pirelli’s well-known tag line “Power is nothing without control”, features in its various print and multimedia ads.

The tyre giant is the long-serving and key sponsor of F.C. Internazionale Milano, a leading Italian football club, since 1995.

What is the Story Behind Pirelli Tyres? – the History

Giovanni Battista Pirelli founded the company in 1872 at Milan. At 24, the young founder engineer established the company that started rubber articles’
production after a year of its inception. The firm began its journey as a manufacturer of scuba diving rebreathers and mainly dealt in rubber and its
derivative processes initially.

76 History Of Pirelli

Even today, one of Pirelli’s prime focus areas is design and manufacturing of tyres and cables, for use in the field of energy and telecom.

Towards the end of 19th century, Pirelli started diversifying by manufacturing insulated telegraph cables, underwater telegraph cables and first
bicycle tyres. It accomplished its first sporting victories and started building plants abroad in the 20th century.

In 1974, Pirelli invented the innovative “wide radial tyre”. This broad tyre, with radial structure and reduced sidewall height served as an optimal racing
tyre solution at that time. Porsche began using the same with its much-acclaimed Porsche 911 Turbo and the tyres still serve as a benchmark for European
sports and racing cars.

In 1980s, Pirelli acquired Metzeler, German motorbike manufacturer and telecom land cable manufacturer, Standard Telephone Cable. Pirelli Cables and
Systems has spread its roots beyond the tyre industry and established itself in the field of energy with the acquisition of Siemens in 1998 and Draka
Holding in 1999.

What’s the Connection Between Pirelli and Motorsports?

Worldwide, the name Pirelli is closely associated with sports and motorsports.

Pirelli’s tryst with football is not limited only to Europe, but also extends to its other key market- South America. Also, Pirelli title sponsored China’s
top-rung football league, the Chinese Super League in 2009.

The company supports rally with its Pirelli Star Driver initiative, through which it encourages young rally drivers.

Pirelli’s association with motorsport is an elaborate one. It is the only tyre brand allowed to participate in the FIM championship since 2007. The company
had also bagged the contract as a tyre supplier for the British Superbike Championship, 2008-2010.

76 Pirelli And Motorsport

Pirelli, at the moment, is the exclusive tyre supplier for the F1 Championships till 2018. In the past, the company has enjoyed this honour from 1950-58,
1981-86 and 1989-91.

Pirelli was involved in a tyre controversy at the British Grand Prix in 2013, as seven of its tyres went kaput during the event. Investigations revealed an
intrinsic fault in tyre design, following which Pirelli modified the tyre construction to avoid further accidents.

What Types of Tyres Does Pirelli Manufacture?

Pirelli is a global leader in design and manufacturing of original equipment as well as aftermarket tyres. The company offers a variety of tyres for
various vehicular applications, with a focus on developing high performance and UHP tyres.

? Car Tyres

Pirelli’s exceptional car tyre range has been designed to meet various customer requirements. Its tyres are created with a blend of motorsport-derived UHP
technology and the “Green Performance” ethos.

? SUV Tyres

Pirelli’s SUV tyres are not only highly functional, but also aesthetically appealing. These are designed to exceed expectations of OE manufacturers as well
as customers.

? Van Tyres

Pirelli has developed a range of van tyres that adapts car tyres’ performance to meet conventional CV tyres’ requirements. The Pirelli van tyres are
designed to ensure versatility, comfort, safety and reliability.

? Motorcycle Tyres

A high performance range of Pirelli motorcycle tyres offers excellent grip and enhances braking abilities of motorbikes.

? Truck and Bus Tyres

Pirelli offers a range of innovative tyres for transportation of goods and people. It offers seamless business solutions, ideal for fleet businesses. Its
tyres are revolutionary in terms of performance as well as environmental care.

? Agro/OTR Tyres

Pirelli manufactures a gamut of industrial tyres for agricultural use, forklifts and tractor fitment, specifically developed for professional operators.

? Motorsport

Pirelli manufactures high quality motorsport tyres with excellent efficiency and wet performance.

Which are the Most Popular Pirelli Tyres?

Pirelli – world’s 5th largest tyre manufacturer designs and manufactures a broad range of exceptional tyres with high quality quotient, for
superior drive engagement and ultimate performance.

Some of the popular Pirelli brand tyres include the following:

? Winter Sottozero 3

This newest tyre on the Pirelli block has been designed focusing on the modern vehicular evolution, for maximum safety, performance and control under any
weather condition. It is ideal for next gen vehicles and its key homologations include the ‘who’s who’ of the automotive world such as Lamborghini, McLaren
and Mercedes.

This tyre features directional dual-arrow tread pattern for higher traction on snow, and 3D-sipes for improved dry handling and reduced braking distances.
It also features wider grooves for best wet handling and braking, and functionalised compound for superb grip under any wintry condition.

? P Zero Collection™

The P Zeroä family symbolises Pirelli’s UHP philosophy to the core. Designed to optimise the performance of advanced supersports cars, these tyres can be
occasionally used at the racing track as well. These are perfect for mid-range cars and powerful saloons.

76 Pirelli P Zero

Some of the acclaimed tyres in this family include – P ZERO™ SILVER, P ZERO™ Corsa System, P ZERO Rosso™, and P ZERO Nero™ tyres.

? Scorpion Family

This Pirelli tyre family caters to the hi-tech needs of off-roaders as well as modern-day crossovers. There is an option in this broad tyre range for every
weather requirement. Some of the innovative members of the Scorpion clan are – all-terrain SCORPION™ ATR, SCORPION™ STR, SCORPION™ ZERO™ ASIMMETRICO, SCORPION™ ICE & SNOW for luxury SUVs.

? Pirelli Chrono Winter

The tyre construction and tread of this tyre ensures maximum traction and braking on snow and ice, retaining the heavy load bearing characteristics typical
to vans. These tyres offer excellent grip under heaviest snow, excellent performance minus stud, high wear resistance, low noise, great road grip and
excellent comfort.

? Pirelli 190 Snowcontrol

This is Pirelli’s special winter tyre designed to tackle both dry and wet roads with equal proficiency and enhance snow traction. Its design and
construction helps you retain drive enthusiasm in coldest of winters. The tyre tread is manufactured using a high-silica compound. The tyre features
nylon-reinforced twin steel belts for durability at high speeds and its polyester body offers enhanced ride quality.

? Pirelli Citynet L4, L6 and L9

This range of tyres is specially designed to meet the needs of the rapid-paced modern commercial vehicle sector. The Pirelli Citynet tyres complement these
untiring workhorses by easing their workload, making these more comfortable and safer.

? Pirelli Eufori (Run-Flat)

76 Pirelli Eufori

This is the first ever runflat tyre solution from Pirelli featuring extended mobility at zero bar pressure. It features an asymmetric tread design and
reinforced sidewall for accurate driving. The tyre is manufactured using Pirelli’s pioneering Modular Integrated Robotised System technology, and ensures
Active and Passive safety.

Is Pirelli Concerned about the Environment?

Pirelli runs its business operations with a focus on sustainable business practices. It takes its environmental and social responsibilities pretty
seriously. Its unique ‘Pirelli Sustainability Model’ is created taking inspiration from the UN’s Global Compact initiative and ISO 26000 guidelines.

Pirelli’s vision for sustainability reflects in the economic, social and environmental management of its production processes, products and services.

Pirelli makes continuous efforts to maintain its corporate governance procedures in line with best practices, both national and global. It has grabbed
investor-attention by developing a reputation as a socially responsible company.

The company has over 140 years of rich industrial tradition and production experience with most advanced global technologies. It has remarkably contributed
to the development of technologies, competitive products and management instruments promoting sustainable industrial development.

Pirelli is proud of the results of its sustainable practices, and acknowledges the need for timely communication and information dispersal about its
commitment to sustainability and pertinent performance.

Pirelli continues to be at the forefront of tyre design and production across the world. It invests massive amounts into R&D to meet the ever-rising
needs of the modern-day consumer.

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