Continental EcoContact3 tyres

The Continental EcoContact3 tyres also called
‘ContiEcoContact3’ are a hallmark in German engineering. Designed by German tyre maker Continental Tyres, these tyres have been developed to provide solid safety while
driving in different conditions.

These tyres are developed to cater to the mid-size car segment and are ideal for family cars. No matter where you are headed - for a long drive, to the
grocery shop, or to office, your journey will be the safest with these tyres.

Superior control and safety with fuel efficiency delivered with the Continental EcoContact3 tyres.

Built to perfection with cutting-edge German technology, these tyres will work perfectly on any road and through all speeds, making them a perfect value
for money purchase.

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Quick Facts

  • The tyres offer enhanced fuel efficiency, reducing your fuel costs significantly.
  • Silica rich tread compound augments tyre and road contact resulting in greater traction and braking responsiveness
  • Stiff circumferential tread ribs enhance handling characteristics and confer directional stability
  • Tread has unique ‘grip edges’ to provide maximum support on wet or slushy roads.

Customer Reviews

“Worth the price”

“Very satisfied. Ensures total safety”

Tyre Rating

4 stars out of 5


  • How much are the Continental EcoContact3 tyres for?

This premier touring summer tyre can be availed at the best price on, UK’s number one
online tyre retailer.

  • How good are the Continental EcoContact3 tyres?

The Continental EcoContact3 tyres have been specially made to sustain high speeds and deliver superior grip on all surfaces.

  • How long do the Continental EcoContact3 tyres last?

The silica compound used for augmenting traction combined with Continental’s very own tread technology ensures that these tyres last long.

  • Where are the Continental EcoContact3 tyres made?

This is a German tyre maker, but it’s internationally reputed plants spread across the world produce these world-class tyres.

  • Where to buy the Continental EcoContact3 tyres from?

UK’s most trusted tyre retailer Tyre Shopper is the best place for buying these premium tyres at the best prices and for superior customer service.

  • The Continental EcoContact3 tyres are used on what cars?

Continental EcoContact3 tyres are suitable for a wide range of small to mid size family cars and saloons.

  • What is the tread wear warranty on the Continental EcoContact3 tyres?

There is no tread wear warranty provided on the Continental EcoContact3 tyres, but these tyres do last long.

  • What sizes are the Continental EcoContact3 tyres available in?

These tyres come in a variety of sizes from 155 to 1175 mm diameter to fit 13-15 inch alloys.

  • What is the right size Continental EcoContact3 tyre for my car?

Tyre-Shopper’s highly skilled tyre specialists will assist you in choosing the right size tyre for your particular vehicle.

  • What do people think of the Continental EcoContact3 tyres?

These tyres have scored highly on all surveys and reviews and people are very happy with their purchase of this tyre.

  • Are the Continental EcoContact3 tyres value for money?

These tyres belong to a highly premium range of radials and provide total safety on all kinds of surfaces along with maximum fuel efficiency. Hence they
are complete value for money tyres.