Continental tyres

Continental Tyres occupies the fourth position in the global tyre market and is known for its wide range of tyres for two wheelers, 4 wheelers, commercial
vehicles and special vehicles. Superior comfort and safety are trademarks of all Continental tyres, irrespective of type. The company’s tag line “ Arriving Safely and Comfortably’ captures the essence of the brand superbly.

Precision German engineering, advanced tyre technologies and stringent testing and quality control methods have made Continental Tyres the partner of
choice for the OE requirements of numerous automotive manufacturers. Every third car manufactured in Europe rolls out of the factory fitted with
Continental tyres, making Continental the top OE supplier in Europe.

An intense focus on R&D efforts has led Continental to develop radically different tread design patterns that enhance performance, efficiency and
safety of their tyres. The company’s focus on R&D has led to the development of innovative extended mobility solutions such as the ContiSeal
technology, which ensures mobility and safety when a sharp object penetrates the tyre and SSR technology which is Continental’s run-flat technology.

Continental also manufactures automotive components such as brakes and many safety components.

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The Ultimate Guide to Continental Tyres

Continental is today rated among the top 5 tyre manufacturers in the world. With over 170,000 employees in 46 countries (Status: December 31, 2012) this
German tyre maker also famously known as ‘Conti’, is considered a cornerstone in tyre innovation and automotive engineering.

68 Continental Logo

What is the History of the ‘Conti’ Brand?

Continental began its journey in Hanover, Germany as the “Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie”, in 1871. Its earliest footprints in
manufacturing included manufacturing rubber products, rubberised fabric and tyres for carriages and bicycles.

The history of Continental is also an account of the number of firsts for tyre development. Beginning with plain tread tyres in 1898, the company became
the first to launch grooved tyres for automobiles in 1904. This was followed by a slew of other firsts. The year 1905 saw the introduction of anti-skid
tyres, which were similar to the later studded tyres.

In 1912 Continental merged with other companies in the rubber trade and began to be called “Continental Gummi-Werke AG”.

Continental’s illustrious history took a new turn in the 1990’s when it produced the very first environmentally friendly tyres and changed once and for all
how we looked at tyres and their manufacturing.

Does Continental Offer a Wide Range of Tyres?

Most definitely.

Continental has kept true to its promise for innovation and offers several types of tyres. Apart from its several historic firsts which have set the pace
in the tyre industry, the institution now manufactures different varieties of tyres, each known for their excellent performance, safety and reliability.

From passenger car tyres to tyres for SUVs and trucks, tyres for buses, bicycles and motorcycles, this expansive range is known for delivering superior
power to the wheels.

Its passenger segment includes tyres for winters, summers, and a separate range called the Self-Supporting Run Flat Tyres. There are also tyres for
enhanced safety known as the ContiSeal tyres and others for decreased interior noise called ContiSilent tyres.

All this has been possible because of the company’s investment in R&D and commitment to providing the very best for their customers.

Does Continental Manufacture Other Brands?

And just as vast is its range of tyres for vehicles, the number of brands under the Continental umbrella are as huge as well. The famous brands include the
original name Continental, Uniroyal, Viking, Mabor and Matador, General Tyre and various others.

The company has now ventured into a new line of products as well – the hot-retreaded and cold-retreaded range of tyres.

68 Contisportcontact3

What are the Most Popular Continental Tyre Ranges?

For Continental the essence in tyre manufacturing lies in its quality. While developing and testing tyres for years now, the company has looked keenly at
safety and performance aspects and has delivered a winner each and every time. This has been repeatedly confirmed through the overwhelming positive
customer feedback and glowing independent reviews for all Continental tyres.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular tyre ranges from Continental.

ContiWinterContact TS 850

These new winter tyres for compact and mid-size cars are a great cost-effective option thanks to their reduced rolling resistance and increased tyre life.
They are equipped with a multitude of technical features including superior braking on snow and wet surface, better grip and handling and more mileage.

ContiEcoContact 5

This new eco tyre from Continental is a benchmark for the eco-friendly tyre category. Tyre engineers have redone the entire design for this range focusing
on tread, contour and casing compound to achieve a whole new dimension in design engineering. The ContiEcoContact 5 tyres reduce fuel consumption
significantly on account of reduced rolling resistance.

ContiSportContact 3

A fantastic summer radial that has been designed for high performance vehicles, the ContiSportContact 3 tyre offers superior steering precision. This means
your vehicle maintains its stability in the harshest of conditions, sudden changes or through swifter turns. In fact the asymmetric ribs in the
ContiSportContact3 tyres have also been designed to absorb these challenges while driving.

ContiSportContact Vmax

These tyres are Continental’s first road-legal tyres designed for speeds of up to 360 km/hr. This is truly a next generation radial for high-end vehicles
meant to deliver speed. The tyre ensures that features like grip, handling, and wheel rotation are firmly in place to deliver maximum safety under such
great speeds.

The tread depth and tread structure in this tyre have been reduced to accommodate greater number of grooves in the inner section and achieve reduced
heating. Along with these aspects the steering response of the tyres has been developed keeping in mind the colossal centrifugal forces at play.

Continental has other major names like ContiForceContact, ContiPremiumContact 2 and ContiSportContact 5
tyres making waves on parameters of safety and performance.

68 Contipremiumcontact2

Does Continental Manufacture Winter Tyres?

Continental also has a separate range of special winter wide tyres to counter all kinds of wintry conditions. And despite winter’s
restrictive conditions these tyres allow you to get the feel of a sporty drive on wheels.

What are some of Continental’s Unique Tyre Technologies?

Continental invests in advanced technology to support different tyre needs. Take the concept of ContiSilence technology for example. This
has been implemented to substantially cut the noise on all road surfaces. This noise-reducing technology helps decrease noise by up to 9 dB(A) depending on
the tyre, the vehicle and the road conditions. The tread is fitted with a tire noise absorber and polyurethane foam that soaks in the noises effectively.

is the other fascinating technology from Continental that is allowing punctures in the tread area to get repaired or sealed effectively. In the event of a
perforation as big as 5mm in diameter, you do not need to stop or change your tyre as the layer gets sealed instantly. This unique layer which is sticky
and gluey is spread shoulder to shoulder and can protect your tyres from sharp objects or nails. The ContiSeal technology has been adopted in the VW Passat
Coupe since 2008.

Is Continental an Environmentally Conscious Company?

Ever since Continental produced its first eco-friendly car tyres (the ContiEcoContact range), its commitment to environmental challenges has further
treaded newer grounds. Its environmental manufacturing or ‘green’ tyre production rests on the following prime pillars -

· Tyres are made from renewable raw materials and recycled steel components

· Substantially reduced usage of chemical content for tyre manufacturing which are considered potentiallyharmful to the environment.

· New natural materials for tyre compounds are being looked into and experimented with at research laboratories.

Understanding the critical role that tyres play in transportation, Continental has now tied up with external agencies to guide them on increasing their
eco-friendly footprint. The Continental LifeCycle tyres are a milestone in that direction.

These tyres have been specially made from recycled tyre casings, which greatly reduced the costs and energy spent on manufacturing and thereby
substantially cut down Co2 emissions. Statistics show that with this method of reusing solid rubber tyres 65% of existing tyres can be re-manufactured
while only 35% of added raw materials will be required.

However despite its reuse of old tyre material the company has ensured exhaustive quality checks during and after manufacture. The result is that the
LifeCycle tyres are delivering superior performance comparable to any brand new tyre.

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As a leading automotive supplier worldwide, it is no surprise that Continental Tyres understands the complexities of tyre manufacturing and the demands of
new-age driving. Ever since its inception over 140 years ago, Continental has only strived to offer quality and ably address the needs of an ever growing
tyre market throughout the world. From a small Hanover unit it has burgeoned into a monolith in tyre manufacturing conglomerate today. Its illustrious
history is also the history of tyre development and tyre technology.

‘Conti’ has surprised the world with its efficiency and performance time and again.