Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tyres

Take power to the streets with theContinental ContiSportContact 5P tyres
manufactured by Continental Tyres.

Continental Tyres
is Europe’s number one commercial tyre manufacturer as well as the continent’s largest and most trusted original equipment manufacturer. Almost every 3 rd car developed in Europe rolls out fitted with a Continental tyre.

The Continental ContiSportContact 5P is a summer tyre built to enhance the performance of passenger cars and sports saloons. These tyres confer maximum
safety even at the highest speeds. So, if you have the need for speed without constantly being worried about your safety, this is the tyre for you.

Choose the ContiSportContact5P tyres for maximum performance without safety compromises.

This tyre offers the driver an ultra-high performance for maximum driving pleasure, fun and amazing levels of safety even at high speeds. So these are
definitely worth every pound spent on their purchase.

If you wish to buy the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres for your vehicle, our tyre consultants at Tyre-Shopper will be happy to assist you with your
purchase. And we offer you the most competitive prices.

Quick Facts

· The Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres are extremely fast and safe.

Its enhanced safety levels make it the most recommended tyre in the summer tyre category.

This tyre offers precise steering on smooth and rough roads and ensures maximum grip under all conditions.

This tyre gives your vehicle the power to push its performance to the maximum, allowing you to explore your vehicle’s full potential while cruising
through the streets.

Customer Reviews

“Good tyre, excellent grip on wet road, I will buy again.”

“Absolutely superb tyres, amazing grip in wet or dry; but where they really excel is in comfort. Most 19 inch tyres I’ve had are back breaking but
these absorb the bumps and potholes, hugely impressive.”

“Simply brilliant tyres.”

Tyre Rating

5 stars out of 5


How much are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres?

Continental is a premium brand, however, the innovative features and performance enhancing characteristics of these tyres are well worth the money spent on

How good are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres?

Highly recommended by the automobile industry’s leading experts, this is indeed, an excellent tyre.

How long do the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres last?

The Continental ContiSportContact 5P Tyres have an impressive shelf life.

Where are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres made?

Continental Tyres has global presence worldwide; hence, these tyres are locally manufactured.

Where to buy the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres?

If you want to strike a good deal while purchasing these tyres, shop online at, UK’s
leading online tyre retailer.

What cars are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres used on?

These summer tyres are best suited for passenger vehicles and high end sports saloons

What is the tread wear warranty on the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres?

The company offers a limited warranty on all its tyres including the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres.

What sizes are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres available in?

These tyres are available in the size range of 225 to 325mm in diameter to fit larger 18-23 inch alloys. As with all high performance tyres, the profile
height range is low – from 25-40mm.

What is the right size Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyre for my car?

Tyre consultants at Tyre-Shopper will assist you in finding the best fit of these tyres for your vehicle.

What do people think of the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres?

These tyres have fared extremely well in public and they are the “go-to” tyre to enhance your vehicle’s performance.

Are the Continental ContiSportContact 5P tyres value for money?

Yes, these tyres are an excellent investment for your vehicle and offer tremendous value for money.

Independent Tests

The Continental ContiSportContact 5P were ranked 1st in the 2012 Auto Bild 20 inch Tyre Test.