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Winter Tyres: Essential Safety Precautions Presented by Tyre-Shopper

Built for weather conditions where the temperature falls below 7 Degree Celsius, winter tyres are specially made for superior performance on surface that has fresh snow, ice or slush. The use of winter radials in your car can help you drive with greater confidence on slippery winter roads, asthese are designed specifically to offer increased traction on such roads. At Tyre Shopper, we stock a vast collection of winter tyres manufactured by all major companies. Take your pick and drive safe in winter.

Technology Explained

Tyres designed for use in winter usually contain a different type of rubber which is built to remain soft at low temperatures. Dry weather or all weather tyres usually contain compounds which harden as the temperature drops thus decreasing the traction between the tyre and the ground. Winter radials also have small slots at the side, which offer extra grip as they arrange themselves with the snow on the ground to form a sticky surface. Special tread designs are also employed in these radials to ensure the presence of snow in the tyre tread as this provides for better traction.

While there is no legal requirement in the United Kingdom to switch to winter radials, it is advisable to do so. Several government and private institutions like the Automobile Association advocate this practice as a measure if safety because of varying degrees of cold during the winter months.

A Wide Range to Choose From

Whether you are just looking for the cheapest tyres you can buy for your car or you have a list of tyres from specific manufacturers that you want fitted to your car, we can help you. Visit Tyre Shopper today to browse through our exhaustive range of premium radials from companies like Goodyear, Michelin, Continental and many others. Browse through our list of winter tyres today and find the best buy that fits your car and your wallet. We have tyres priced in the budget category like the Wanli Win Challenger or mid segment range tyres like the Avon Ice Touring. Whatever your needs be, we have it all.

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Not Sure Which Tyre to Buy? Read Reviews

At Tyre Shopper, our customers help other visitors by reviewing the products that they buy. We have over 6000 reviews which we have put up on our website for different products. Read through them before you make your purchase. As for reviews about the quality of our service, we have been rated excellent on independent site reviewer TrustPilot by over 14000 buyers.

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A ‘Cool’ Shopping Experience

Stay calm and cool as we offer you a stress free shopping experience. Once you have finalised your purchase, don’t think twice about fitting. Visit the nearest fitting centre and have the winter tyres fitted to your car at no additional cost. All our tyre prices come inclusive of fitment charges. We have tie-ups with over 1000 tyre fitting specialists all over the United Kingdom and we can assure you that you will not have to travel far to get tyres fitted.

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