Manufacturer: Avon
Tyre: Avon ZZ5


The Avon ZZ5 tyres are high performance tyres suitable for passenger cars. The tyres are associated with an ultra-high performance, great grip in both dry and wet conditions and also excellent steering responsiveness. Overall, the Avon ZZ5 tyres offer excellent value for money due to the perfect blend of high performance and safety.

Enhanced steering responsiveness: These tyres are performance-focused tyres suitable for high end sports cars. The asymmetric tread design contributes significantly towards offering excellent grip, helping to ensure superior handling characteristics. The Avon ZZ5 tyres offer fantastic steering response to enable a stable and effective drive, no matter the road surface or weather conditions.
Minimised noise levels: To ensure maximum comfort when driving, these tyres aim to offer high performance at a reduced rate of decibels. You can be confident of an improved driving experience due to the reduced tyre noise.
Reduced stopping distances: Within the asymmetric tread design, the inner shoulders are optimised to drastically improve grip levels.The risk of aquaplaning or skidding in wet conditions is minimised due to these superior levels of grip. Overall, braking distances are reduced to ensure your safety when driving in both wet and dry conditions.
Increased protection against kerb damage: The Avon ZZ5 tyres incorporate rim flange protectors to reduce to risk of kerb damage to the tyre. This minimised risk of tyre and alloy damage make the Avon ZZ5 tyres an excellent value for money propostion.

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235 40 18 91Y Y
245 40 18 93Y Y
255 45 18 99Y Y
Gary Caldecott - 5th April, 2016

Very Good all round tyre
10 out of 10

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