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Tyre-Shopper Presents Winter Tyres Review: Why They are Worth Their Price

The decision whether to buy winter tyres is not an easy one to make. Winter tyre radials are certainly very helpful in the UK winter months to maintain the best possible grip on the road in rainy, wet, snowy, slushy and icy conditions that all drivers face between November and January every year.

All season tyres are another option that some drivers prefer to opt for because it is a single set of tyres for use throughout the year. However, with these tyres you give up some grip on the road and use a hybrid tyre design that neither offers the very best summer or winter road performance.

Why Are Winter Tyres Different?

The winter radial tyres use a different tread compound that contains a higher silica composition which ensures the tyre remains soft enough and pliable enough in low temperatures. This is necessary because the usual tread compound used on regular tyres almost always hardens and loses its flexibility at temperatures below 7 degrees C which affects road grip and performance.

The tread pattern used in winter tyres is also not the same. It is designed to provide improved traction when snow is on the road. For example, Michelin winter tyres have as many as 1,500 Sipes (grooves) within the tread surface which is 5 times the usual amount in regular tyres. These additional grooves become filled up with snow while driving on the road, the snow trapped in the grooves bonds with the snow on the ground providing an unusual grip that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

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Why Do You Need Winter Radial Tyres?

Winter tyres come into their own when the outside temperature falls under 7 degrees C. At this point, the pliable nature of winter tyres and their improved grip with the road, which can be up to 3 times better than with regular tyres, makes a noticeable difference in braking times and road handling in cold or snowy conditions.

Improvement in manufacturing methods and materials used with winter radial tyres has enabled significant improvements in reducing noise levels and boosting speed ratings. Winter tyres are now sitting on a level playing field with summer tyres offering good fuel efficiency.

Other Information

It depends on the UK insurer whether they charge additional or higher insurance premiums when the insured driver has winter tyres fitted to their vehicle.

When shopping for winter radial tyres, winter tyres can be fitted to all types of wheels whether the vehicle is a two-wheel drive or a four-wheel drive. A tread depth of 2mm is necessary for winter radials, but the AA recommends a depth of 3mm.

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Get Winter Tyres Advice from Tyre-Shopper

Tyre Shopper has many different types of winter radial tyres like the Dunlop Winter Response tyre and the Michelin Alpin 2 range of tyres in stock. Use our search engine to choose the size of tyre that you’re looking for and the website will layout the winter tyre choices available. Tyre Shopper also has a price promise to be the most competitively priced tyre retailer in the UK.

Our tyre product pages have descriptions with more information about the product, including its rating, specifications, and suitability. We hope that our winter tyres review has been helpful in the decision whether to use these types of tyres on your vehicle.

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