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Are all weather tyres the best choice for my vehicle?

All weather tyres – also known as all season tyres – were created especially for the UK’s varied climate.

Throughout the year, tyres have to deal with summer heat, falling Autumn leaves and winter ice on the roads, with wet conditions all year round.

Having all season tyres avoids the needs to swap tyres out for winter tyres unless you’re dealing with particularly harsh conditions from a freakishly bad cold season.

What makes all weather tyres different?

These tyres are designed to manage both summer and winter road conditions, so handling is improved whether the surface is cold, wet, dry or slick.

Siping is a special polymer compound that is pliable but retains considerable strength, combined with a block tread pattern and a high-density. This is what makes all weather tyres so durable. Their features provide smoother handling, improved grip on slippery surfaces and reduced braking times.

The downside of summer and winter tyres

Many motorists drive their vehicles with summer tyres at any time of the year. These are tyres which work well when temperatures are at least 7 °C. A special polymer compound allows them to grip the road, ensuring smooth operation on both wet and dry surfaces.

However, summer tyres are not designed to be used in wintery conditions. That is when temperatures can dip well below 7 °C. Unlike winter tyres, they are not equipped to handle an excess of water or melting ice on the road, making it more likely for the vehicle to skid or be involved in an accident.

Once the weather warms up, winter tyres that have less grip, will wear out more quickly and the car will use more fuel.

How to spot an all-season tyre

All weather tyres are indicated by the letters ‘MS’ which denotes that the tyre can be used to successfully drive through mud or mild snow.

You may instead find a snowflake image on the tyre labelling in the tyre sidewall. This means that the tyre can be driven in areas that have received heavy snowfall overnight.

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